Mus musculus

0 known processes


predicted gene 9846

(Aliases: ENSMUSG00000050621)

Gm9846 biological process predictions

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Biological processGO term IDProcess sizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
ribonucleoprotein complex subunit organizationGO:0071826280.038
mitotic cell cycleGO:00002781950.031
erythrocyte differentiationGO:0030218880.027
homeostasis of number of cellsGO:00488722100.023
maturation of ssu rrnaGO:003049010.022
epithelial tube formationGO:00721751300.022
posttranscriptional regulation of gene expressionGO:00106081550.021
molting cycleGO:0042303900.017
microtubule based processGO:00070172360.016
negative regulation of immune system processGO:00026832090.015
positive regulation of transcription from rna polymerase ii promoter in response to stressGO:003600330.014
regulation of cellular amine metabolic processGO:0033238200.014
rna processingGO:00063961050.014
negative regulation of defense responseGO:0031348770.013
action potentialGO:0001508780.012
nucleoside phosphate metabolic processGO:00067533380.012
myeloid cell differentiationGO:00300992330.012
muscle tissue developmentGO:00605373080.012
regulation of cell cycleGO:00517262810.011
sensory perceptionGO:00076002450.011
microtubule organizing center organizationGO:0031023280.011
multicellular organism growthGO:00352641610.011
maturation of ssu rrna from tricistronic rrna transcript ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:000046210.010
rna interferenceGO:001624620.010
regulation of lymphocyte activationGO:00512492400.010

Gm9846 disease predictions

Disease predictions are made from cross-annotation of human disease genes to the identified functional analogs in mouse and predicted with the mouse functional network.

DiseaseDO term IDSizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
immune system diseaseDOID:291400.037
aplastic anemiaDOID:1244900.037
disease of anatomical entityDOID:700.037
bone marrow diseaseDOID:496100.037
hematopoietic system diseaseDOID:7400.037
congenital hypoplastic anemiaDOID:134200.030