Rattus norvegicus

0 known processes


similar to AP-3 complex subunit sigma-2 (Adapter-related protein complex 3 sigma-2 subunit) (Sigma-adaptin 3b) (AP-3 complex sigma-3B subunit) (Sigma-3B-adaptin)

LOC683402 biological process predictions

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Biological processGO term IDProcess sizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
regulation of cellular localizationGO:00603412630.017
retinal metabolic processGO:004257430.017
positive regulation of response to stimulusGO:00485842850.016
positive regulation of cell proliferationGO:00082842490.015
single organism biosynthetic processGO:00447113420.015
response to transition metal nanoparticleGO:19902671220.015
cellular homeostasisGO:00197252520.012
regulation of catalytic activityGO:00507903040.012
organophosphate biosynthetic processGO:00904071430.012
regulation of molecular functionGO:00650093980.012
response to ketoneGO:19016541820.012
secretion by cellGO:00329402480.012
regulation of secretion by cellGO:19035302080.012
cell cell signalingGO:00072673350.011
response to ethanolGO:00454711620.011
positive regulation of cell developmentGO:00107201760.010
cellular ketone metabolic processGO:0042180510.010
cation transportGO:00068123820.010
positive regulation of molecular functionGO:00440932300.010

LOC683402 disease predictions

Disease predictions are made from cross-annotation of human disease genes to the identified functional analogs in rat and predicted with the rat functional network.

DiseaseDO term IDSizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org