Saccharomyces cerevisiae

42 known processes

BUD21 (YOR078W)


(Aliases: YOR29-29,UTP16)

BUD21 biological process predictions

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Biological processGO term IDProcess sizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
maturation of ssu rrnaGO:00304901050.998
ribosomal small subunit biogenesisGO:00422741240.998
endonucleolytic cleavage to generate mature 5 end of ssu rrna from ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:0000472310.997
endonucleolytic cleavage in its1 to separate ssu rrna from 5 8s rrna and lsu rrna from tricistronic rrna transcript ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:0000447430.994
endonucleolytic cleavage in 5 ets of tricistronic rrna transcript ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:0000480300.991
ribosome biogenesisGO:00422543350.931
maturation of ssu rrna from tricistronic rrna transcript ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:0000462960.864
rrna processingGO:00063642270.846
rrna 5 end processingGO:0000967320.777
rrna metabolic processGO:00160722440.699
rna 5 end processingGO:0000966330.636
ncrna 5 end processingGO:0034471320.588
endonucleolytic cleavage involved in rrna processingGO:0000478470.579
maturation of 5 8s rrna from tricistronic rrna transcript ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:0000466800.455
ncrna processingGO:00344703300.428
regulation of transcription from rna polymerase i promoterGO:0006356360.396
positive regulation of transcription from rna polymerase i promoterGO:0045943190.339
rna phosphodiester bond hydrolysisGO:00905011120.232
cleavage involved in rrna processingGO:0000469690.221
endonucleolytic cleavage of tricistronic rrna transcript ssu rrna 5 8s rrna lsu rrna GO:0000479470.220
rna phosphodiester bond hydrolysis endonucleolyticGO:0090502790.204
transcription from rna polymerase i promoterGO:0006360630.187
maturation of 5 8s rrnaGO:0000460800.182
nucleic acid phosphodiester bond hydrolysisGO:00903051940.126
sexual reproductionGO:00199532160.121
reproductive processGO:00224142480.068
multi organism reproductive processGO:00447032160.048
positive regulation of cellular biosynthetic processGO:00313283360.036
vesicle mediated transportGO:00161923350.032
positive regulation of macromolecule metabolic processGO:00106043940.026
macromolecule catabolic processGO:00090573830.021
conjugation with cellular fusionGO:00007471060.021
positive regulation of gene expressionGO:00106283210.020
chemical homeostasisGO:00488781370.019
cellular chemical homeostasisGO:00550821230.015
oxidation reduction processGO:00551143530.015
cellular homeostasisGO:00197251380.014
positive regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic processGO:00511734120.014
cellular response to organic substanceGO:00713101590.014
multi organism processGO:00517042330.014
positive regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic processGO:00105573250.014
positive regulation of rna metabolic processGO:00512542940.013
meiotic chromosome segregationGO:0045132310.013
protein localization to organelleGO:00333653370.013
positive regulation of transcription dna templatedGO:00458932860.012
regulation of biological qualityGO:00650083910.012
gene silencing by rnaGO:003104730.012
reproduction of a single celled organismGO:00325051910.011
positive regulation of apoptotic processGO:004306530.011
heterocycle catabolic processGO:00467004940.010
positive regulation of biosynthetic processGO:00098913360.010
regulation of catalytic activityGO:00507903070.010
positive regulation of nucleobase containing compound metabolic processGO:00459354090.010

BUD21 disease predictions

Disease predictions are made from cross-annotation of human disease genes to the identified functional analogs in yeast and predicted with the yeast functional network.

DiseaseDO term IDSizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org