Danio rerio

0 known processes


general transcription factor IIH, polypeptide 5

(Aliases: si:dkey-12h9.4,zgc:153434,MGC153434)

gtf2h5 biological process predictions

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Biological processGO term IDProcess sizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
cellular response to organic substanceGO:00713101050.039
eye developmentGO:00016542770.027
gene expressionGO:00104672520.025
camera type eye developmentGO:00430102220.024
larval developmentGO:000216420.023
regulation of cellular metabolic processGO:00313233200.022
cell migrationGO:00164772370.021
signal transductionGO:00071654550.020
mitotic cell cycleGO:0000278640.019
regulation of nucleobase containing compound metabolic processGO:00192192500.018
cellular response to chemical stimulusGO:00708871570.017
adult behaviorGO:003053420.015
cell cycle g1 s phase transitionGO:004484310.015
retina development in camera type eyeGO:00600411460.014
cellular response to endogenous stimulusGO:0071495680.013
regulation of cell deathGO:00109411030.012
response to growth factorGO:0070848390.012
morphogenesis of an epitheliumGO:00020093330.012
g1 s transition of mitotic cell cycleGO:000008210.011
regulation of metabolic processGO:00192223590.011
cell surface receptor signaling pathwayGO:00071663250.011
nucleic acid templated transcriptionGO:00976591810.011
regulation of mitotic cell cycle embryonicGO:000979420.011
regulation of biosynthetic processGO:00098892500.010

gtf2h5 disease predictions

Disease predictions are made from cross-annotation of human disease genes to the identified functional analogs in zebrafish and predicted with the zebrafish functional network.

DiseaseDO term IDSizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org