Danio rerio

0 known processes



(Aliases: fj65a11,wu:fj65a11)

si:dkey-73n10.1 biological process predictions

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Biological processGO term IDProcess sizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
regulation of protein localization to nucleusGO:190018020.038
protein localization to nucleusGO:003450430.035
multi organism processGO:00517041340.027
regulation of stem cell differentiationGO:200073640.024
g1 s transition of mitotic cell cycleGO:000008210.022
positive regulation of metabolic processGO:00098931080.020
regulation of biological qualityGO:00650082630.019
gene expressionGO:00104672520.018
protein metabolic processGO:00195381830.016
gtp catabolic processGO:000618420.012
heterocycle metabolic processGO:00464832900.012
regulation of reproductive processGO:200024140.011
positive regulation of cytokine productionGO:000181920.011
cellular carbohydrate metabolic processGO:004426240.011
cellular protein metabolic processGO:00442671290.011
cell matrix adhesionGO:000716040.011
regulation of metabolic processGO:00192223590.011
cell surface receptor signaling pathwayGO:00071663250.010
sex determinationGO:000753010.010

si:dkey-73n10.1 disease predictions

Disease predictions are made from cross-annotation of human disease genes to the identified functional analogs in zebrafish and predicted with the zebrafish functional network.

DiseaseDO term IDSizeProbabilityFunc Analog Org
disease of cellular proliferationDOID:1456600.013
disease of anatomical entityDOID:700.010