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Multiple Organisms

centriole replication

The cell cycle process in which a daughter centriole is formed perpendicular to an existing centriole. An immature centriole contains a ninefold radially symmetric array of single microtubules; mature centrioles consist of a radial array of nine microtubule triplets, doublets, or singlets depending upon the species and cell type.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Cep135CG17081 gene product from transcript CG17081-RB0.961
ana3anastral spindle 30.905
Poc1Proteome of centrioles 10.853
CG5690CG5690 gene product from transcript CG5690-RA0.809
sas-6spindle assembly abnormal 60.749
Cp110CG14617 gene product from transcript CG14617-RB0.673
ana2anastral spindle 20.648
Sas-4CG10061 gene product from transcript CG10061-RA0.588
marsCG17064 gene product from transcript CG17064-RB0.355
l(1)dd4lethal (1) discs degenerate 40.309
aspabnormal spindle0.228
spd-2spindle defective 20.210
SAKSak kinase0.210
rodrough deal0.176
lkb1CG9374 gene product from transcript CG9374-RJ0.169
Cp190Centrosomal protein 190kD0.137
Klp61FKinesin-like protein at 61F0.108
sinaseven in absentia0.102
Rae1CG9862 gene product from transcript CG9862-RA0.092
BubR1Bub1-related kinase0.088
CG6954CG6954 gene product from transcript CG6954-RB0.082
Hsp83Heat shock protein 830.079
Dlc90FDynein light chain 90F0.070
MybMyb oncogene-like0.064
Klp10ACG1453 gene product from transcript CG1453-RA0.058
Kap-alpha3karyopherin alpha30.056
MioMlx interactor0.052
Klp67AKinesin-like protein at 67A0.048
TrfTBP-related factor0.046
hydhyperplastic discs0.046
Pp1-87BProtein phosphatase 1 at 87B0.045
Nup44ANucleoporin 44A0.043
cp309CG33957 gene product from transcript CG33957-RB0.043
ctpcut up0.037
Trxr-1Thioredoxin reductase-10.036
chbchromosome bows0.035
mei-S332meiotic from via Salaria 3320.032
ncdnon-claret disjunctional0.031
PPP4R2rProtein phosphatase 4 regulatory subunit 2-related protein0.030
tacctransforming acidic coiled-coil protein0.030
Sgt1CG9617 gene product from transcript CG9617-RA0.028
Klp3AKinesin-like protein at 3A0.023
CspCysteine string protein0.023
CkIalphaCasein kinase Ialpha0.023
Cks30ACyclin-dependent kinase subunit 30A0.022
Fs(2)KetFemale sterile (2) Ketel0.022
Df31Decondensation factor 310.020
MED31Mediator complex subunit 310.020
Rab2Rab-protein 20.019
CG5525CG5525 gene product from transcript CG5525-RA0.019
CycB3Cyclin B30.019
Traf-likeTNF-receptor-associated factor-like0.018
Taf2TBP-associated factor 20.018
nmdno mitochondrial derivative0.018
larpLa related protein0.018
ChcClathrin heavy chain0.017
Karybeta3Karyopherin beta 30.017
dgt1dim gamma-tubulin 10.016
poloCG12306 gene product from transcript CG12306-RA0.016
alpha-AdaptinCG4260 gene product from transcript CG4260-RA0.016
Mcm2Minichromosome maintenance 20.016
Vap-33-1CG5014 gene product from transcript CG5014-RB0.015
Nsf2NEM-sensitive fusion protein 20.015
CG7338CG7338 gene product from transcript CG7338-RA0.015
nmdyn-D7CG8362 gene product from transcript CG8362-RA0.015
CG7795CG7795 gene product from transcript CG7795-RD0.014
Taf4TBP-associated factor 40.014
l(1)G0148lethal (1) G01480.014
eIF4Geukaryotic translation initiation factor 4G0.014
CG14712CG14712 gene product from transcript CG14712-RA0.014
tilBtouch insensitive larva B0.014
CG10418CG10418 gene product from transcript CG10418-RA0.013
mei-217CG33935 gene product from transcript CG33935-RC0.013
ToporsTopoisomerase I-interacting protein0.013
CG10638CG10638 gene product from transcript CG10638-RA0.013
poepurity of essence0.013
InvadolysinCG3953 gene product from transcript CG3953-RA0.013
CG1868CG1868 gene product from transcript CG1868-RB0.013
easeasily shocked0.013
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Caenorhabditis elegans
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Danio rerio
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
CENPJcentromere protein J0.905
SASS6spindle assembly 6 homolog (C. elegans)0.424
CEP135centrosomal protein 135kDa0.402
NEURL4neuralized homolog 4 (Drosophila)0.292
STILSCL/TAL1 interrupting locus0.284
BTRCbeta-transducin repeat containing0.224
LIN9lin-9 homolog (C. elegans)0.193
WEE1WEE1 homolog (S. pombe)0.124
RB1retinoblastoma 10.120
CDC25Acell division cycle 25 homolog A (S. pombe)0.109
LIN54lin-54 homolog (C. elegans)0.100
TCP1t-complex 10.091
SKA1spindle and kinetochore associated complex subunit 10.063
FBXW11F-box and WD repeat domain containing 110.054
CCT8chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 8 (theta)0.050
SKA3spindle and kinetochore associated complex subunit 30.047
CUL1cullin 10.045
CCNE1cyclin E10.034
PPP2R2Aprotein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B, alpha0.034
STRN3striatin, calmodulin binding protein 30.034
NLKnemo-like kinase0.034
CTNNB1catenin (cadherin-associated protein), beta 1, 88kDa0.030
STARD9StAR-related lipid transfer (START) domain containing 90.029
PRNPprion protein0.027
PPP2R5Cprotein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B', gamma0.026
CEP97centrosomal protein 97kDa0.023
SKP1S-phase kinase-associated protein 10.021
CHEK2CHK2 checkpoint homolog (S. pombe)0.019
PPME1protein phosphatase methylesterase 10.017
PPP2R1Bprotein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit A, beta0.016
RBL1retinoblastoma-like 1 (p107)0.014
YWHAHtyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, eta polypeptide0.014
YAP1Yes-associated protein 10.013
CHEK1CHK1 checkpoint homolog (S. pombe)0.012
PDE6Dphosphodiesterase 6D, cGMP-specific, rod, delta0.012
SERTAD4SERTA domain containing 40.012
XRCC1X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 10.012
CDK2cyclin-dependent kinase 20.011
ORC1origin recognition complex, subunit 10.011
PPP2CBprotein phosphatase 2, catalytic subunit, beta isozyme0.011
CCNB2cyclin B20.011
MDM2Mdm2 p53 binding protein homolog (mouse)0.010
CDC25Ccell division cycle 25 homolog C (S. pombe)0.010
TNKStankyrase, TRF1-interacting ankyrin-related ADP-ribose polymerase0.010
GTSE1G-2 and S-phase expressed 10.010
CDT1chromatin licensing and DNA replication factor 10.010
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Mus musculus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Cdc25bcell division cycle 25 homolog B (S. pombe)0.023
Sgol1shugoshin-like 1 (S. pombe)0.016
Ppp2r1aprotein phosphatase 2 (formerly 2A), regulatory subunit A (PR 65), alpha isoform0.014
Rad51ap1RAD51 associated protein 10.012
Igbp1immunoglobulin (CD79A) binding protein 10.010
Skp1aS-phase kinase-associated protein 1A0.010
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Rattus norvegicus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism