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Multiple Organisms

skeletal muscle adaptation

Any process in which skeletal muscles change their phenotypic profiles in response to altered functional demands and a variety of signals.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
wupAwings up A0.980
Tm2Tropomyosin 20.955
Zasp52Z band alternatively spliced PDZ-motif protein 520.340
Zasp66Z band alternatively spliced PDZ-motif protein 660.181
MhcMyosin heavy chain0.172
Mlc2Myosin light chain 20.162
Pk61CProtein kinase 61C0.132
Act88FActin 88F0.132
Rya-r44FRyanodine receptor 44F0.114
Mlc1Myosin alkali light chain 10.113
Actnalpha actinin0.094
ThorCG8846 gene product from transcript CG8846-RA0.088
MarfMitochondrial assembly regulatory factor0.085
Lk6CG17342 gene product from transcript CG17342-RA0.076
CG8709CG8709 gene product from transcript CG8709-RK0.064
CG8443CG8443 gene product from transcript CG8443-RA0.052
stnAstoned A0.052
InRInsulin-like receptor0.051
Act57BActin 57B0.047
dallydivision abnormally delayed0.038
Gpo-1Glycerophosphate oxidase-10.037
Eip75BEcdysone-induced protein 75B0.034
Mlp84BMuscle LIM protein at 84B0.033
Cf2Chorion factor 20.032
CaMKIICalcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II0.032
Pink1PTEN-induced putative kinase 10.027
coroCG9446 gene product from transcript CG9446-RC0.023
CanA1Calcineurin A10.023
Sema-1aCG18405 gene product from transcript CG18405-RD0.022
cpocouch potato0.022
Snap25Synapse protein 250.020
poepurity of essence0.020
elBelbow B0.019
ImpIGF-II mRNA-binding protein0.018
CG14614CG14614 gene product from transcript CG14614-RA0.018
TpnC73FTroponin C at 73F0.018
AcslAcyl-CoA synthetase long-chain0.017
Eip93FCG18389 gene product from transcript CG18389-RB0.017
Nf1Neurofibromin 10.016
CG5177CG5177 gene product from transcript CG5177-RA0.016
CG9297CG9297 gene product from transcript CG9297-RB0.015
beat-Iabeaten path Ia0.015
svpseven up0.015
rolsrolling pebbles0.015
witwishful thinking0.015
highikaru genki0.015
shakBshaking B0.015
Pak3CG14895 gene product from transcript CG14895-RA0.015
CrebB-17ACyclic-AMP response element binding protein B at 17A0.015
DatDopamine N acetyltransferase0.015
Su(z)2Suppressor of zeste 20.014
Ten-mTenascin major0.014
htshu li tai shao0.014
Mp20Muscle protein 200.014
zfh1Zn finger homeodomain 10.014
MpcpMitochondrial phosphate carrier protein0.013
Act79BActin 79B0.013
stumpsCG31317 gene product from transcript CG31317-RC0.013
shotshort stop0.013
mewmultiple edematous wings0.013
A3-3CG11405 gene product from transcript CG11405-RA0.012
blowblown fuse0.012
GstS1Glutathione S transferase S10.012
Mef2Myocyte enhancer factor 20.012
MicalMolecule interacting with CasL0.012
Kr-h1Kruppel homolog 10.011
DdcDopa decarboxylase0.011
l(2)05510lethal (2) 055100.011
Deaf1Deformed epidermal autoregulatory factor-10.011
14-3-3epsilonCG31196 gene product from transcript CG31196-RA0.010
GluRIIAGlutamate receptor IIA0.010
par-1CG8201 gene product from transcript CG8201-RA0.010
pigspickled eggs0.010
KaiRIACG18039 gene product from transcript CG18039-RA0.010
cnkconnector enhancer of ksr0.010
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Caenorhabditis elegans
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Danio rerio
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Mus musculus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Tnni2troponin I, skeletal, fast 20.993
Myl2myosin, light polypeptide 2, regulatory, cardiac, slow0.977
Hrchistidine rich calcium binding protein0.935
Tnnt3troponin T3, skeletal, fast0.854
Actn2actinin alpha 20.845
Ldb3LIM domain binding 30.703
Trim55tripartite motif-containing 550.600
Myoz1myozenin 10.586
Tnnt2troponin T2, cardiac0.562
Tnnc2troponin C2, fast0.541
Ryr1ryanodine receptor 1, skeletal muscle0.529
Myom2myomesin 20.518
Mybphmyosin binding protein H0.513
Cacna1scalcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1S subunit0.493
Atp2a1ATPase, Ca++ transporting, cardiac muscle, fast twitch 10.488
Casq2calsequestrin 20.444
Actc1actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 10.438
Casq1calsequestrin 10.409
Actn3actinin alpha 30.400
Ckmt2creatine kinase, mitochondrial 20.344
Pgam2phosphoglycerate mutase 20.339
Csrp3cysteine and glycine-rich protein 30.302
Myl1myosin, light polypeptide 10.247
Mylpfmyosin light chain, phosphorylatable, fast skeletal muscle0.239
Nfatc3nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 30.234
Cav3caveolin 30.223
Myh8myosin, heavy polypeptide 8, skeletal muscle, perinatal0.220
Yap1yes-associated protein 10.207
Chrna1cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha polypeptide 1 (muscle)0.201
Myh1myosin, heavy polypeptide 1, skeletal muscle, adult0.191
Cacng1calcium channel, voltage-dependent, gamma subunit 10.185
Myh3myosin, heavy polypeptide 3, skeletal muscle, embryonic0.183
Myom1myomesin 10.172
Cox8bcytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIIb0.158
Myf6myogenic factor 60.155
Xirp1xin actin-binding repeat containing 10.148
Hspb2heat shock protein 20.147
Apobec2apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme, catalytic polypeptide 20.117
Nrapnebulin-related anchoring protein0.117
Gtf2ird1general transcription factor II I repeat domain-containing 10.115
Myl3myosin, light polypeptide 30.112
Cox6a2cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VI a, polypeptide 20.095
Myh4myosin, heavy polypeptide 4, skeletal muscle0.093
Myh2myosin, heavy polypeptide 2, skeletal muscle, adult0.090
Myh7myosin, heavy polypeptide 7, cardiac muscle, beta0.089
Prkceprotein kinase C, epsilon0.089
Ckmcreatine kinase, muscle0.084
Tnnc1troponin C, cardiac/slow skeletal0.081
Kbtbd5kelch repeat and BTB (POZ) domain containing 50.080
Ppp3r1protein phosphatase 3, regulatory subunit B, alpha isoform (calcineurin B, type I)0.073
Kcnma1potassium large conductance calcium-activated channel, subfamily M, alpha member 10.072
Pax7paired box gene 70.071
Myf5myogenic factor 50.068
Ankrd2ankyrin repeat domain 2 (stretch responsive muscle)0.065
Sgcgsarcoglycan, gamma (dystrophin-associated glycoprotein)0.063
Lmod2leiomodin 2 (cardiac)0.062
Pitx2paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 20.061
Srpk3serine/arginine-rich protein specific kinase 30.060
Art1ADP-ribosyltransferase 10.058
Tnnt1troponin T1, skeletal, slow0.053
Col17a1collagen, type XVII, alpha 10.050
Trim54tripartite motif-containing 540.048
Kcnj11potassium inwardly rectifying channel, subfamily J, member 110.045
Cacnb2calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 2 subunit0.044
Itchitchy, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase0.043
Myl7myosin, light polypeptide 7, regulatory0.043
Acta1actin, alpha 1, skeletal muscle0.043
Tnni1troponin I, skeletal, slow 10.043
Slc17a8solute carrier family 17 (sodium-dependent inorganic phosphate cotransporter), member 80.043
Pitx1paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 10.042
Mas1MAS1 oncogene0.040
Wfikkn2WAP, follistatin/kazal, immunoglobulin, kunitz and netrin domain containing 20.036
Tcf15transcription factor 150.036
Gtf2igeneral transcription factor II I0.035
Pygmmuscle glycogen phosphorylase0.034
Krt15keratin 150.031
Tbx15T-box 150.030
Cdh15cadherin 150.029
Mpzmyelin protein zero0.028
Map3k5mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 50.027
Myl4myosin, light polypeptide 40.027
Dlk1delta-like 1 homolog (Drosophila)0.027
Phkg1phosphorylase kinase gamma 10.027
Dkk2dickkopf homolog 2 (Xenopus laevis)0.026
Myoz2myozenin 20.026
Cacnb4calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit0.025
Wwtr1WW domain containing transcription regulator 10.025
Itgb1bp2integrin beta 1 binding protein 20.025
Ucp3uncoupling protein 3 (mitochondrial, proton carrier)0.024
Crhr2corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 20.024
Mybpc1myosin binding protein C, slow-type0.024
Popdc3popeye domain containing 30.023
Smpxsmall muscle protein, X-linked0.023
Trim63tripartite motif-containing 630.022
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Rattus norvegicus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism