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Multiple Organisms

renal sodium ion absorption

A renal system process in which sodium ions are taken up from the collecting ducts and proximal and distal loops of the nephron. In non-mammalian species, absorption may occur in related structures.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
CUL3cullin 30.993
KLHL3kelch-like 3 (Drosophila)0.960
KLHL12kelch-like 12 (Drosophila)0.942
KLHL2kelch-like 2, Mayven (Drosophila)0.915
WNK4WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 40.898
TSC22D4TSC22 domain family, member 40.800
DAPK1death-associated protein kinase 10.584
OXSR1oxidative-stress responsive 10.563
CPSF6cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 6, 68kDa0.562
MED28mediator complex subunit 280.545
LNX1ligand of numb-protein X 10.484
DGCR14DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 140.278
NBR1neighbor of BRCA1 gene 10.254
PRMT6protein arginine methyltransferase 60.212
KBTBD7kelch repeat and BTB (POZ) domain containing 70.194
NFE2L1nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 10.142
DPP3dipeptidyl-peptidase 30.116
ARAFv-raf murine sarcoma 3611 viral oncogene homolog0.114
GLIS2GLIS family zinc finger 20.100
BTBD10BTB (POZ) domain containing 100.074
SPOPspeckle-type POZ protein0.073
PRR13proline rich 130.066
ZMYND10zinc finger, MYND-type containing 100.060
CCNKcyclin K0.057
GET4golgi to ER traffic protein 4 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.051
ATXN1ataxin 10.044
SNX20sorting nexin 200.043
MAFGv-maf musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog G (avian)0.037
HIVEP1human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 10.037
FAM46Afamily with sequence similarity 46, member A0.037
WNK1WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 10.035
BAG3BCL2-associated athanogene 30.033
KLHDC5kelch domain containing 50.032
DVL3dishevelled, dsh homolog 3 (Drosophila)0.032
RBFOX2RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog (C. elegans) 20.032
SESN2sestrin 20.028
ZBTB43zinc finger and BTB domain containing 430.027
TULP3tubby like protein 30.027
NR1H2nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group H, member 20.022
ZNF431zinc finger protein 4310.022
ATXN2ataxin 20.022
CDC34cell division cycle 34 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.021
UBA1ubiquitin-like modifier activating enzyme 10.020
VTA1Vps20-associated 1 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.020
ADAMTS10ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 100.020
NLKnemo-like kinase0.020
FHOD3formin homology 2 domain containing 30.019
TBC1D5TBC1 domain family, member 50.019
MBIPMAP3K12 binding inhibitory protein 10.018
RBPJrecombination signal binding protein for immunoglobulin kappa J region0.017
RAD23ARAD23 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)0.017
SIRT6sirtuin 60.017
NUDCD3NudC domain containing 30.017
BNIP3LBCL2/adenovirus E1B 19kDa interacting protein 3-like0.017
ZHX2zinc fingers and homeoboxes 20.017
RBM42RNA binding motif protein 420.017
KLHL20kelch-like 20 (Drosophila)0.016
DOCK7dedicator of cytokinesis 70.016
GADD45Agrowth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible, alpha0.016
OTX2orthodenticle homeobox 20.015
PRKACAprotein kinase, cAMP-dependent, catalytic, alpha0.015
ZC3H10zinc finger CCCH-type containing 100.015
CDC37cell division cycle 37 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.014
COL4A5collagen, type IV, alpha 50.014
TMSB4Xthymosin beta 4, X-linked0.013
PPP6R2protein phosphatase 6, regulatory subunit 20.013
R3HDM2R3H domain containing 20.013
COPS7ACOP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog subunit 7A (Arabidopsis)0.013
CSDE1cold shock domain containing E1, RNA-binding0.013
EXT2exostosin 20.013
SGMS1sphingomyelin synthase 10.013
ZHX3zinc fingers and homeoboxes 30.013
GSK3Bglycogen synthase kinase 3 beta0.013
UBAC1UBA domain containing 10.013
SGTAsmall glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing, alpha0.013
MEPCEmethylphosphate capping enzyme0.013
CARHSP1calcium regulated heat stable protein 1, 24kDa0.013
KDM5Alysine (K)-specific demethylase 5A0.012
TUBB3tubulin, beta 30.012
TUBB2Btubulin, beta 2B0.012
PFN2profilin 20.012
GPATCH8G patch domain containing 80.012
WNK2WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 20.012
RBM45RNA binding motif protein 450.012
MAP1LC3Amicrotubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 alpha0.012
DHX16DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box polypeptide 160.012
SH3GL1SH3-domain GRB2-like 10.012
USP54ubiquitin specific peptidase 540.012
PDE4DIPphosphodiesterase 4D interacting protein0.012
DCUN1D5DCN1, defective in cullin neddylation 1, domain containing 5 (S. cerevisiae)0.012
ACTR1AARP1 actin-related protein 1 homolog A, centractin alpha (yeast)0.011
A1BGalpha-1-B glycoprotein0.011
SETD7SET domain containing (lysine methyltransferase) 70.011
WDR73WD repeat domain 730.011
ZXDCZXD family zinc finger C0.011
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Caenorhabditis elegans
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Danio rerio
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Drosophila melanogaster
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Mus musculus
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Rattus norvegicus
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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