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Multiple Organisms

lipid oxidation

The removal of one or more electrons from a lipid, with or without the concomitant removal of a proton or protons, by reaction with an electron-accepting substance, by addition of oxygen or by removal of hydrogen.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
PEX19peroxisomal biogenesis factor 191.000
HADHBhydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase/enoyl-CoA hydratase (trifunctional protein), beta subunit1.000
DECR12,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1, mitochondrial1.000
PEX14peroxisomal biogenesis factor 140.996
SCP2sterol carrier protein 20.994
PPARGC1Aperoxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma, coactivator 1 alpha0.994
PEX3peroxisomal biogenesis factor 30.984
HADHhydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase0.978
ABCD3ATP-binding cassette, sub-family D (ALD), member 30.932
UQCRC2ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase core protein II0.897
ECH1enoyl CoA hydratase 1, peroxisomal0.867
INSRinsulin receptor0.850
HADHAhydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase/enoyl-CoA hydratase (trifunctional protein), alpha subunit0.838
ETFDHelectron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase0.762
NDUFB5NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 beta subcomplex, 5, 16kDa0.758
CPT2carnitine palmitoyltransferase 20.752
PARD6Bpar-6 partitioning defective 6 homolog beta (C. elegans)0.722
GRB10growth factor receptor-bound protein 100.702
ACAT1acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase 10.663
HSD17B4hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 40.625
ACAA1acetyl-CoA acyltransferase 10.608
HNF4Ahepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha0.539
NNTnicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase0.520
PEX12peroxisomal biogenesis factor 120.506
PHYHphytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase0.495
BCKDHBbranched chain keto acid dehydrogenase E1, beta polypeptide0.482
ECI2enoyl-CoA delta isomerase 20.480
PEX13peroxisomal biogenesis factor 130.457
MUTmethylmalonyl CoA mutase0.449
PPARGperoxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma0.417
MCCC1methylcrotonoyl-CoA carboxylase 1 (alpha)0.403
PXMP2peroxisomal membrane protein 2, 22kDa0.392
GBASglioblastoma amplified sequence0.373
ESRRGestrogen-related receptor gamma0.373
PRKAB1protein kinase, AMP-activated, beta 1 non-catalytic subunit0.372
TCF3transcription factor 3 (E2A immunoglobulin enhancer binding factors E12/E47)0.364
NOXA1NADPH oxidase activator 10.347
PEX11Bperoxisomal biogenesis factor 11 beta0.328
NCOR2nuclear receptor corepressor 20.278
PEX16peroxisomal biogenesis factor 160.237
GABARAPL1GABA(A) receptor-associated protein like 10.233
ADH5alcohol dehydrogenase 5 (class III), chi polypeptide0.222
SUCLG2succinate-CoA ligase, GDP-forming, beta subunit0.218
NCF1neutrophil cytosolic factor 10.217
ACADSBacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, short/branched chain0.206
IDH1isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (NADP+), soluble0.205
SQSTM1sequestosome 10.197
SETD8SET domain containing (lysine methyltransferase) 80.195
ACAA2acetyl-CoA acyltransferase 20.193
F11RF11 receptor0.192
CDC37cell division cycle 37 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.185
CYP4F2cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily F, polypeptide 20.180
RPTORregulatory associated protein of MTOR, complex 10.179
ACADMacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, C-4 to C-12 straight chain0.173
PGRMC1progesterone receptor membrane component 10.173
ACADVLacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, very long chain0.168
MDH1malate dehydrogenase 1, NAD (soluble)0.158
PARD6Apar-6 partitioning defective 6 homolog alpha (C. elegans)0.157
NME2non-metastatic cells 2, protein (NM23B) expressed in0.155
DLDdihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase0.154
PEX5peroxisomal biogenesis factor 50.150
TSTthiosulfate sulfurtransferase (rhodanese)0.150
GABARAPL2GABA(A) receptor-associated protein-like 20.144
MAFAv-maf musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog A (avian)0.139
PRKCZprotein kinase C, zeta0.124
NDUFS1NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein 1, 75kDa (NADH-coenzyme Q reductase)0.120
CYB5Acytochrome b5 type A (microsomal)0.118
SDHAsuccinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit A, flavoprotein (Fp)0.114
SLC25A20solute carrier family 25 (carnitine/acylcarnitine translocase), member 200.114
ALDH3A2aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member A20.103
PDHBpyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) beta0.101
RAB4ARAB4A, member RAS oncogene family0.098
HSDL2hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase like 20.095
HIBCH3-hydroxyisobutyryl-CoA hydrolase0.094
ADH1Calcohol dehydrogenase 1C (class I), gamma polypeptide0.094
TSC22D1TSC22 domain family, member 10.093
ACOX1acyl-CoA oxidase 1, palmitoyl0.091
CBWD2COBW domain containing 20.085
HIBADH3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase0.079
IGF1Rinsulin-like growth factor 1 receptor0.073
ATG13ATG13 autophagy related 13 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.073
ATP5F1ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial Fo complex, subunit B10.071
PRKAB2protein kinase, AMP-activated, beta 2 non-catalytic subunit0.070
NR0B2nuclear receptor subfamily 0, group B, member 20.070
ALDH9A1aldehyde dehydrogenase 9 family, member A10.068
PEBP1phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein 10.068
MAP1LC3Amicrotubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 alpha0.065
MAPK1mitogen-activated protein kinase 10.062
CYP2C9cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily C, polypeptide 90.062
C21orf33chromosome 21 open reading frame 330.059
BAG3BCL2-associated athanogene 30.059
PDX1pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 10.058
PHKBphosphorylase kinase, beta0.057
SDHCsuccinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit C, integral membrane protein, 15kDa0.057
PRKAG2protein kinase, AMP-activated, gamma 2 non-catalytic subunit0.052
PRKCBprotein kinase C, beta0.052
SIRT1sirtuin 10.052
GATA2GATA binding protein 20.052
PPARAperoxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha0.050
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Caenorhabditis elegans
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
acdh-12Protein ACDH-120.078
maoc-1Protein MAOC-10.073
ceeh-2Protein CEEH-20.067
CELE_Y75B8A.4Protein Y75B8A.40.066
dhs-6Protein DHS-60.056
cpt-2Protein CPT-20.055
sgk-1Protein SGK-10.053
prx-11Protein PRX-110.047
CELE_F34H10.3Protein F34H10.30.045
F58F9.7Protein F58F9.70.041
mrp-5Protein MRP-50.041
ech-4Protein ECH-40.037
unc-64Protein UNC-640.036
nhr-122Protein NHR-1220.034
prx-3Protein PRX-30.033
dhs-28Protein DHS-280.031
Y48A6B.9Protein Y48A6B.90.031
daf-22Protein DAF-220.028
raga-1Protein RAGA-10.027
F26E4.12Protein F26E4.120.027
F53F10.2Protein F53F10.20.027
sek-1Protein SEK-10.026
Y77E11A.1Protein Y77E11A.10.026
acs-22Protein ACS-220.026
CELE_K09H11.1Protein K09H11.10.025
ttm-5Protein TTM-50.025
lbp-3Protein LBP-30.024
wht-1Protein WHT-10.024
F26E4.7Protein F26E4.70.023
F21A10.2Protein F21A10.20.023
C44C1.2Protein C44C1.20.023
F55A4.8Protein F55A4.80.022
nhr-35Protein NHR-350.022
F53H8.3Protein F53H8.30.022
T12G3.2Protein T12G3.20.021
nck-1Protein NCK-10.021
CELE_F53C11.3Protein F53C11.30.021
Y110A7A.6Protein Y110A7A.60.021
CELE_ZK1240.3Protein ZK1240.30.021
nac-2Protein NAC-20.021
ogt-1Protein OGT-10.021
dif-1Protein DIF-10.020
B0303.3Protein B0303.30.020
C03A3.2Protein C03A3.20.020
dyci-1Protein DYCI-10.020
bath-38Protein BATH-380.020
aco-2Protein ACO-20.020
T07D1.2Protein T07D1.20.019
pmk-3Protein PMK-30.019
F58A6.1Protein F58A6.10.019
dhs-21Protein DHS-210.018
CELE_C46C2.2Protein C46C2.20.018
mel-32Protein MEL-320.018
inx-15Protein INX-150.018
maa-1Protein MAA-10.018
CELE_T20B3.1Protein T20B3.10.017
pcca-1Protein PCCA-10.017
aak-2Protein AAK-20.017
B0272.3Protein B0272.30.017
ZC449.3Protein ZC449.30.017
mml-1Protein MML-10.017
Y32F6B.1Protein Y32F6B.10.017
nuo-5Protein NUO-50.017
tag-253Protein TAG-2530.017
oig-2Protein OIG-20.017
scav-6Protein SCAV-60.016
CELE_ZK1307.8Protein ZK1307.80.016
F45E4.5Protein F45E4.50.016
D1022.4Protein D1022.40.016
nhr-32Protein NHR-320.016
paf-2Protein PAF-20.016
K10D6.4Protein K10D6.40.015
cTel55X.1Protein cTel55X.10.015
emb-8Protein EMB-80.015
prx-5Protein PRX-50.015
nhr-42Protein NHR-420.015
ech-8Protein ECH-80.015
prx-12Protein PRX-120.015
T08G11.1Protein T08G11.10.015
mpk-1Protein MPK-10.015
gbh-1Protein GBH-10.014
Y87G2A.2Protein Y87G2A.20.014
pyc-1Protein PYC-10.014
CELE_W02D7.5Protein W02D7.50.014
tag-173Protein TAG-1730.014
C49A9.5Protein C49A9.50.014
F53E4.1Protein F53E4.10.014
nhr-34Protein NHR-340.014
gsr-1Protein GSR-10.014
pmp-2Protein PMP-20.014
gob-1Protein GOB-10.014
tmem-135Protein TMEM-1350.014
pcp-1Protein PCP-10.014
C24A3.4Protein C24A3.40.014
mmaa-1Protein MMAA-10.014
wdr-23Protein WDR-230.014
sph-1Protein SPH-10.014
paqr-1Protein PAQR-10.014
K02D10.1Protein K02D10.10.014
mcu-1Protein MCU-10.014
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Danio rerio
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
mtpmicrosomal triglyceride transfer protein0.709
acadlacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, long chain0.533
apoa4apolipoprotein A-IV0.418
adipor2adiponectin receptor 20.400
ivdisovaleryl Coenzyme A dehydrogenase0.355
rnasel1ribonuclease like 10.313
sdhasuccinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit A, flavoprotein (Fp)0.274
acox1acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 1, palmitoyl0.269
hadhhydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase0.252
sepp1bselenoprotein P, plasma, 1b0.236
idh1isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (NADP+), soluble0.224
mst1macrophage stimulating 1 (hepatocyte growth factor-like)0.214
slc4a1bsolute carrier family 4, anion exchanger, member 1b0.212
pglyrp6peptidoglycan recognition protein 60.198
fabp2fatty acid binding protein 2, intestinal0.189
ephx1epoxide hydrolase 1, microsomal (xenobiotic)0.188
adipor1badiponectin receptor 1b0.169
acadmacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, C-4 to C-12 straight chain0.162
cpt1bcarnitine palmitoyltransferase 1B (muscle)0.154
vwfvon Willebrand factor0.145
etfdhelectron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase0.143
sec31asec31 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)0.142
nme2b.2non-metastatic cells 2b.2, protein (NM23B) expressed in0.141
gdnfglial cell derived neurotrophic factor0.134
elovl5ELOVL family member 5, elongation of long chain fatty acids (yeast)0.130
anxa11bannexin A11b0.129
acaa2acetyl-CoA acyltransferase 20.129
pglyrp2peptidoglycan recognition protein 20.126
hadhahydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase, alpha subunit0.122
LOC569045novel protein similar to vertebrate WD repeat domain 44 (WDR44)0.122
echs1enoyl Coenzyme A hydratase, short chain, 1, mitochondrial0.120
pcsk7proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 70.115
nr5a5nuclear receptor subfamily 5, group A, member 50.114
cyp2ad2cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily AD, polypeptide 20.101
amfrautocrine motility factor receptor0.090
scp2sterol carrier protein 20.083
fabp10afatty acid binding protein 10a, liver basic0.082
otcornithine carbamoyltransferase0.082
mxtx2mix-type homeobox gene 20.075
klf4aKruppel-like transcription factor 4a0.074
cx28.9connexin 28.90.074
pglyrp5peptidoglycan recognition protein 50.073
col17a1bcollagen, type XVII, alpha 1b0.073
ahcyS-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase0.072
slc11a2solute carrier family 11 (proton-coupled divalent metal ion transporters), member 20.068
ndufv1NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) flavoprotein 10.066
furinbfurin (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme) b0.065
cyp2y3cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily Y, polypeptide 30.065
rdh1retinol dehydrogenase 10.064
acadsacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, C-2 to C-3 short chain0.063
hnf4ahepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha0.063
ndufs1NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein 10.062
aldh8a1aldehyde dehydrogenase 8 family, member A10.061
adh5alcohol dehydrogenase 50.059
cisd1CDGSH iron sulfur domain 10.059
ppp1r12aprotein phosphatase 1, regulatory (inhibitor) subunit 12A0.057
s1pr3sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 30.056
acad11acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 110.056
tm4sf4transmembrane 4 L six family member 40.055
cyp2aa1cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily AA, polypeptide 10.055
slc34a2asolute carrier family 34 (sodium phosphate), member 2a0.055
upb1ureidopropionase, beta0.054
clptm1lcleft lip and palate associated transmembrane protein 1, like0.053
fetubfetuin B0.053
gatmglycine amidinotransferase (L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase)0.050
pvalb7parvalbumin 70.049
ckmbcreatine kinase, muscle b0.049
ptgeslprostaglandin E synthase 2-like0.049
acat2acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase 20.049
LOC100001321hypothetical protein LOC1000013210.049
fabp6fatty acid binding protein 6, ileal (gastrotropin)0.049
tnfatumor necrosis factor a (TNF superfamily, member 2)0.048
slc25a10solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; dicarboxylate transporter), member 100.047
ggcxgamma-glutamyl carboxylase0.045
aldh4a1aldehyde dehydrogenase 4 family, member A10.044
tp63tumor protein p630.043
mtormechanistic target of rapamycin (serine/threonine kinase)0.043
fbp1bfructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1b0.041
cpt2carnitine palmitoyltransferase II0.041
pitx3paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 30.041
abcd3aATP-binding cassette, sub-family D (ALD), member 3a0.041
agpat31-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 30.040
got2aglutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase 2a, mitochondrial (aspartate aminotransferase 2)0.039
kmokynurenine 3-monooxygenase0.039
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Drosophila melanogaster
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
CG4389CG4389 gene product from transcript CG4389-RA0.873
ThiolaseCG4581 gene product from transcript CG4581-RA0.418
CG2107CG2107 gene product from transcript CG2107-RA0.275
CG14815CG14815 gene product from transcript CG14815-RA0.140
CG12428CG12428 gene product from transcript CG12428-RB0.119
CG6178CG6178 gene product from transcript CG6178-RA0.107
FatpFatty acid (long chain) transport protein0.105
CG12140CG12140 gene product from transcript CG12140-RA0.101
CG5362CG5362 gene product from transcript CG5362-RA0.099
CG17597CG17597 gene product from transcript CG17597-RA0.097
CG12262CG12262 gene product from transcript CG12262-RA0.068
yip2yippee interacting protein 20.058
CG31937CG31937 gene product from transcript CG31937-RA0.054
SucbCG10622 gene product from transcript CG10622-RA0.051
CG6028CG6028 gene product from transcript CG6028-RA0.040
CG8036CG8036 gene product from transcript CG8036-RB0.036
ScsalphaSuccinyl coenzyme A synthetase alpha subunit0.033
Sc2CG10849 gene product from transcript CG10849-RA0.030
CG3902CG3902 gene product from transcript CG3902-RA0.028
CG7970CG7970 gene product from transcript CG7970-RA0.025
foxoforkhead box, sub-group O0.021
CG9577CG9577 gene product from transcript CG9577-RA0.021
CG6543CG6543 gene product from transcript CG6543-RA0.020
FdhFormaldehyde dehydrogenase0.018
CG12703CG12703 gene product from transcript CG12703-RA0.018
CG5853CG5853 gene product from transcript CG5853-RA0.017
Got2Glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase 20.017
CG10932CG10932 gene product from transcript CG10932-RA0.015
Jheh1Juvenile hormone epoxide hydrolase 10.015
Lsd-2Lipid storage droplet-20.014
CG13890CG13890 gene product from transcript CG13890-RA0.014
CG8311CG8311 gene product from transcript CG8311-RA0.013
certceramide transfer protein0.013
MTF-1Metal response element-binding Transcription Factor-10.013
coltcongested-like trachea0.013
CG1665CG1665 gene product from transcript CG1665-RA0.013
CG7461CG7461 gene product from transcript CG7461-RB0.013
PHGPxCG12013 gene product from transcript CG12013-RC0.012
pex13peroxin 130.011
PgdPhosphogluconate dehydrogenase0.011
CG9547CG9547 gene product from transcript CG9547-RA0.010
CG5315CG5315 gene product from transcript CG5315-RA0.010
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Mus musculus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Acadmacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, medium chain0.999
Acaa2acetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 2 (mitochondrial 3-oxoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase)0.998
Etfaelectron transferring flavoprotein, alpha polypeptide0.995
Ppargperoxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma0.993
Ech1enoyl coenzyme A hydratase 1, peroxisomal0.990
Mapk14mitogen-activated protein kinase 140.979
Hsdl2hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase like 20.978
Pnpla2patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 20.971
Etfdhelectron transferring flavoprotein, dehydrogenase0.963
Decr12,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1, mitochondrial0.961
Echs1enoyl Coenzyme A hydratase, short chain, 1, mitochondrial0.936
Hadhhydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase0.895
Hsd17b4hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 40.887
Scp2sterol carrier protein 2, liver0.859
C1qacomplement component 1, q subcomponent, alpha polypeptide0.830
Slc25a20solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carnitine/acylcarnitine translocase), member 200.783
Eci2enoyl-Coenzyme A delta isomerase 20.773
C1qccomplement component 1, q subcomponent, C chain0.768
Retsatretinol saturase (all trans retinol 13,14 reductase)0.698
Acaa1bacetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 1B0.652
Bckdhabranched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase E1, alpha polypeptide0.622
Insrinsulin receptor0.567
Acadlacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, long-chain0.561
C1qbcomplement component 1, q subcomponent, beta polypeptide0.546
Leprleptin receptor0.520
Cideccell death-inducing DFFA-like effector c0.501
Cpt2carnitine palmitoyltransferase 20.469
Ppargc1aperoxisome proliferative activated receptor, gamma, coactivator 1 alpha0.459
Etfbelectron transferring flavoprotein, beta polypeptide0.451
Phyhphytanoyl-CoA hydroxylase0.427
Hadhahydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase (trifunctional protein), alpha subunit0.424
Acadvlacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, very long chain0.323
Acat1acetyl-Coenzyme A acetyltransferase 10.314
Acsl1acyl-CoA synthetase long-chain family member 10.306
Sirt1sirtuin 1 (silent mating type information regulation 2, homolog) 1 (S. cerevisiae)0.300
Cav1caveolin 1, caveolae protein0.289
Dhrs4dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 40.270
Fabp4fatty acid binding protein 4, adipocyte0.260
Pccbpropionyl Coenzyme A carboxylase, beta polypeptide0.259
Nos1nitric oxide synthase 1, neuronal0.257
Plin1perilipin 10.251
Ephx2epoxide hydrolase 2, cytoplasmic0.240
Acadsacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, short chain0.238
Idh1isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (NADP+), soluble0.235
Lipelipase, hormone sensitive0.222
Mosc2MOCO sulphurase C-terminal domain containing 20.221
Mapkapk2MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 20.220
Pck1phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase 1, cytosolic0.216
Hibch3-hydroxyisobutyryl-Coenzyme A hydrolase0.185
Sdhasuccinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit A, flavoprotein (Fp)0.183
Entpd5ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 50.173
Irs2insulin receptor substrate 20.161
Adipoqadiponectin, C1Q and collagen domain containing0.160
Rab9RAB9, member RAS oncogene family0.160
Abcd3ATP-binding cassette, sub-family D (ALD), member 30.159
Cbr4carbonyl reductase 40.154
Cmblcarboxymethylenebutenolidase-like (Pseudomonas)0.151
Chpt1choline phosphotransferase 10.149
Aldh9a1aldehyde dehydrogenase 9, subfamily A10.145
Acox1acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 1, palmitoyl0.144
Hibadh3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase0.142
Ehhadhenoyl-Coenzyme A, hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl Coenzyme A dehydrogenase0.141
Ak3adenylate kinase 30.141
Cd36CD36 antigen0.136
Ghrgrowth hormone receptor0.129
Mknk2MAP kinase-interacting serine/threonine kinase 20.128
Cratcarnitine acetyltransferase0.128
4931406C07RikRIKEN cDNA 4931406C07 gene0.128
Pxmp4peroxisomal membrane protein 40.125
Pik3r1phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, regulatory subunit, polypeptide 1 (p85 alpha)0.104
Suclg2succinate-Coenzyme A ligase, GDP-forming, beta subunit0.102
Slc25a11solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier oxoglutarate carrier), member 110.101
Apoeapolipoprotein E0.099
Vegfavascular endothelial growth factor A0.094
Plin4perilipin 40.093
Gpamglycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase, mitochondrial0.092
FcgrtFc receptor, IgG, alpha chain transporter0.092
TyrobpTYRO protein tyrosine kinase binding protein0.090
Lpllipoprotein lipase0.087
Hsd3b7hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 70.081
Nr1h4nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group H, member 40.081
Agpat21-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 2 (lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase, beta)0.080
Eci1enoyl-Coenzyme A delta isomerase 10.079
Fabp1fatty acid binding protein 1, liver0.078
Acot1acyl-CoA thioesterase 10.073
CebpaCCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP), alpha0.071
Cbr1carbonyl reductase 10.067
Mapk11mitogen-activated protein kinase 110.066
Prkab1protein kinase, AMP-activated, beta 1 non-catalytic subunit0.066
Mutmethylmalonyl-Coenzyme A mutase0.064
Slc2a4solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter), member 40.062
Hadhbhydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase (trifunctional protein), beta subunit0.061
Ndufs1NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein 10.060
Hsd17b11hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 110.060
Aldobaldolase B, fructose-bisphosphate0.059
Akt2thymoma viral proto-oncogene 20.058
Abhd5abhydrolase domain containing 50.057
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Rattus norvegicus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Decr12,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1, mitochondrial1.000
Etfdhelectron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase1.000
Acaa2acetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 21.000
Acadlacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, long-chain1.000
Ech1enoyl coenzyme A hydratase 1, peroxisomal0.999
Acadmacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, C-4 to C-12 straight chain0.998
Acadvlacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, very long chain0.996
Cpt2carnitine palmitoyltransferase 20.987
Eci2enoyl-Coenzyme A delta isomerase 20.986
Hsd17b4hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 40.960
Slc25a20solute carrier family 25 (carnitine/acylcarnitine translocase), member 200.959
Eci1enoyl-Coenzyme A delta isomerase 10.955
Acox1acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 1, palmitoyl0.942
Etfaelectron-transfer-flavoprotein, alpha polypeptide0.850
Slc2a4solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter), member 40.767
Acot2acyl-CoA thioesterase 20.716
Hadhahydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase (trifunctional protein), alpha subunit0.493
Phyhphytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase0.489
Hadhbhydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase (trifunctional protein), beta subunit0.468
Aqp7aquaporin 70.449
Rab1bRAB1B, member RAS oncogene family0.449
Ehhadhenoyl-Coenzyme A, hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl Coenzyme A dehydrogenase0.449
Eef2eukaryotic translation elongation factor 20.391
Retsatretinol saturase (all trans retinol 13,14 reductase)0.376
Lonp2lon peptidase 2, peroxisomal0.373
Cd36CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)0.312
Hmgcl3-hydroxymethyl-3-methylglutaryl-Coenzyme A lyase0.311
Cpt1acarnitine palmitoyltransferase 1a, liver0.306
RGD1308772similar to KIAA0564 protein0.305
Acsl1acyl-CoA synthetase long-chain family member 10.267
Idh1isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (NADP+), soluble0.247
Cyp2b1cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 10.238
Mgst1microsomal glutathione S-transferase 10.231
Gsta4glutathione S-transferase alpha 40.217
Etfbelectron-transfer-flavoprotein, beta polypeptide0.213
Mef2dmyocyte enhancer factor 2D0.186
Nr0b2nuclear receptor subfamily 0, group B, member 20.186
Acot12acyl-CoA thioesterase 120.185
Sult1b1sulfotransferase family, cytosolic, 1B, member 10.181
Acadsacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, C-2 to C-3 short chain0.170
Acad10acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 100.160
Atp1a1ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, alpha 1 polypeptide0.154
Ccnd3cyclin D30.135
Hsd17b10hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 100.131
Cpt1bcarnitine palmitoyltransferase 1b, muscle0.130
Ephx2epoxide hydrolase 2, cytoplasmic0.128
Ldhblactate dehydrogenase B0.122
Pparaperoxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha0.099
Ephx1epoxide hydrolase 1, microsomal0.099
Itga7integrin, alpha 70.098
Acaa1aacetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 1A0.097
Hsd17b11hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 110.093
Ghrgrowth hormone receptor0.092
Pxmp2peroxisomal membrane protein 20.090
Dhrs4dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 40.090
Pex11aperoxisomal biogenesis factor 11 alpha0.089
Pdk4pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase, isozyme 40.086
Ano10anoctamin 100.080
Akr1c14aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C140.079
Decr22,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 2, peroxisomal0.077
CebpaCCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP), alpha0.077
Slc25a42solute carrier family 25, member 420.071
Ugt2a1UDP glucuronosyltransferase 2 family, polypeptide A10.071
Csnk1dcasein kinase 1, delta0.070
Usf2upstream transcription factor 2, c-fos interacting0.070
Mlycdmalonyl-CoA decarboxylase0.069
Mosc1MOCO sulphurase C-terminal domain containing 10.068
Nr1i2nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group I, member 20.066
DaoD-amino-acid oxidase0.066
Acat1acetyl-coenzyme A acetyltransferase 10.065
Ptgr1prostaglandin reductase 10.065
Crybb1crystallin, beta B10.065
Aco1aconitase 1, soluble0.064
Impa2inositol (myo)-1(or 4)-monophosphatase 20.064
Scp2sterol carrier protein 20.062
Ctbschitobiase, di-N-acetyl-0.060
Lipalipase A, lysosomal acid, cholesterol esterase0.060
Gstk1glutathione S-transferase kappa 10.060
Nudt7nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety X)-type motif 70.059
Thnsl2threonine synthase-like 2 (S. cerevisiae)0.058
Glud1glutamate dehydrogenase 10.056
Lipelipase, hormone sensitive0.052
Lpllipoprotein lipase0.051
Aldh9a1aldehyde dehydrogenase 9 family, member A10.051
Nntnicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase0.051
Mettl7bmethyltransferase like 7B0.050
Zadh2zinc binding alcohol dehydrogenase, domain containing 20.050
Gpd1glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1 (soluble)0.049
Cyp2j4cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 40.049
Atp1b1ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, beta 1 polypeptide0.048
Hacl12-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 10.047
PorP450 (cytochrome) oxidoreductase0.046
Bckdhabranched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase E1, alpha polypeptide0.046
Ctsccathepsin C0.046
Foxe1forkhead box E1 (thyroid transcription factor 2)0.044
Cyp3a2cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 20.043
Prlrprolactin receptor0.043
Smad3SMAD family member 30.043
Ceacam1carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1 (biliary glycoprotein)0.042
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
YKL187Chypothetical protein0.101
YKR075Chypothetical protein0.060
YHR202Whypothetical protein0.034
YGR205Whypothetical protein0.028
YPL109Chypothetical protein0.024
YBR016Whypothetical protein0.024
YMR118Chypothetical protein0.022
YNL295Whypothetical protein0.021
YHR033Whypothetical protein0.018
YIR014Whypothetical protein0.016
YPL113Chypothetical protein0.015