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Multiple Organisms

cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation

The change in form (cell shape and size) that occurs when relatively unspecialized cells, e.g. embryonic or regenerative cells, acquire specialized structural and/or functional features that characterize the cells, tissues, or organs of the mature organism or some other relatively stable phase of the organism's life history.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
nhr-67Protein NHR-670.915
egl-18Protein EGL-180.894
unc-42Protein UNC-420.886
pha-4Protein PHA-40.848
unc-62Protein UNC-620.814
syg-1Protein SYG-10.762
let-60Protein LET-600.723
pry-1Protein PRY-10.718
daf-11Protein DAF-110.718
hlh-2Protein HLH-20.707
vab-3Protein VAB-30.697
egl-46Protein EGL-460.673
lin-17Protein LIN-170.613
mig-2Protein MIG-20.608
rig-6Protein RIG-60.535
sem-5Protein SEM-50.531
atg-2Protein ATG-20.490
fkh-2Protein FKH-20.475
cin-4Protein CIN-40.460
hbl-1Protein HBL-10.452
lin-12Protein LIN-120.445
eor-1Protein EOR-10.444
unc-104Protein UNC-1040.439
cam-1Protein CAM-10.428
pat-6Protein PAT-60.426
mab-5Protein MAB-50.420
mig-38Protein MIG-380.406
ifg-1Protein IFG-10.399
K10C8.3Protein K10C8.30.390
hlh-1Protein HLH-10.377
ten-1Protein TEN-10.375
rpn-2Protein RPN-20.373
egl-27Protein EGL-270.365
lsy-2Protein LSY-20.330
apl-1Protein APL-10.329
daf-3Protein DAF-30.329
unc-52Protein UNC-520.328
R90.1Protein R90.10.311
ceh-20Protein CEH-200.303
eya-1Protein EYA-10.301
ceh-16Protein CEH-160.299
egl-30Protein EGL-300.298
nhr-34Protein NHR-340.295
epn-1Protein EPN-10.292
elt-6Protein ELT-60.290
syd-9Protein SYD-90.289
spt-5Protein SPT-50.288
unc-73Protein UNC-730.287
T28F4.1Protein T28F4.10.286
ldb-1Protein LDB-10.285
mig-5Protein MIG-50.280
pxf-1Protein PXF-10.275
flt-1Protein FLT-10.274
ceh-27Protein CEH-270.274
teg-4Protein TEG-40.273
unc-70Protein UNC-700.270
egl-13Protein EGL-130.266
ttx-1Protein TTX-10.257
olrn-1Protein OLRN-10.253
syg-2Protein SYG-20.249
pmp-3Protein PMP-30.248
bar-1Protein BAR-10.247
CELE_C38D4.1Protein C38D4.10.244
ajm-1Protein AJM-10.241
odr-3Protein ODR-30.236
lin-23Protein LIN-230.231
sdn-1Protein SDN-10.230
spc-1Protein SPC-10.230
unc-1Protein UNC-10.228
sli-1Protein SLI-10.226
gar-3Protein GAR-30.224
mec-8Protein MEC-80.223
egg-6Protein EGG-60.221
pop-1Protein POP-10.219
eat-6Protein EAT-60.219
srgp-1Protein SRGP-10.218
unc-43Protein UNC-430.214
egl-36Protein EGL-360.214
C11E4.6Protein C11E4.60.213
mtr-4Protein MTR-40.213
clh-5Protein CLH-50.213
pat-3Protein PAT-30.211
crm-1Protein CRM-10.205
mep-1Protein MEP-10.204
inx-13Protein INX-130.199
hnd-1Protein HND-10.198
lin-36Protein LIN-360.197
unc-54Protein UNC-540.196
R10E12.2Protein R10E12.20.194
F38B6.6Protein F38B6.60.193
egl-5Protein EGL-50.187
zip-7Protein ZIP-70.186
pkg-1Protein PKG-10.180
M01A8.2Protein M01A8.20.168
CELE_Y41E3.11Protein Y41E3.110.168
cog-1Protein COG-10.166
pept-3Protein PEPT-30.166
egl-8Protein EGL-80.166
sax-3Protein SAX-30.163
ain-1Protein AIN-10.163
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Danio rerio
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
lamc1laminin, gamma 10.996
shhasonic hedgehog a0.992
pitx3paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 30.991
gli1GLI-Kruppel family member 10.991
alcamaactivated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule a0.989
lhx2bLIM homeobox 2b0.989
dag1dystroglycan 10.986
foxn4forkhead box N40.985
notch1anotch homolog 1a0.983
tbx1T-box 10.983
wnt10awingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 10a0.981
cxcr4bchemokine (C-X-C motif), receptor 4b0.980
foxd3forkhead box D30.979
alcambactivated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule b0.975
dlx5adistal-less homeobox gene 5a0.967
ascl1aachaete-scute complex-like 1a (Drosophila)0.954
fgfr1afibroblast growth factor receptor 1a0.954
ptpraprotein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, A0.949
tgfb3transforming growth factor, beta 30.945
cdh2cadherin 2, neuronal0.944
spry4sprouty (Drosophila) homolog 40.940
nrp2bneuropilin 2b0.930
prdm1aPR domain containing 1a, with ZNF domain0.929
ptch2patched 20.927
fgf8afibroblast growth factor 8 a0.920
evx1even-skipped homeobox 10.913
frem3Fras1 related extracellular matrix 30.911
hand2heart and neural crest derivatives expressed transcript 20.910
atoh1aatonal homolog 1a0.909
pcdh18bprotocadherin 18b0.904
fgfr4fibroblast growth factor receptor 40.893
bmp2abone morphogenetic protein 2a0.888
her6hairy-related 60.886
traf4atnf receptor-associated factor 4a0.879
hey1hairy/enhancer-of-split related with YRPW motif 10.878
sox2SRY-box containing gene 20.876
lama2laminin, alpha 20.876
stmn2bstathmin-like 2b0.875
robo3roundabout homolog 30.874
igf1rbinsulin-like growth factor 1b receptor0.873
ptenbphosphatase and tensin homolog B (mutated in multiple advanced cancers 1)0.864
neurog1neurogenin 10.863
gata2aGATA-binding protein 2a0.860
slc17a6bsolute carrier family 17 (sodium-dependent inorganic phosphate cotransporter), member 6b0.856
ntlano tail a0.854
osr1odd-skipped related 1 (Drosophila)0.848
cntn2contactin 20.842
olig2oligodendrocyte lineage transcription factor 20.840
jag1bjagged 1b0.838
lhx1aLIM homeobox 1a0.836
otx1aorthodenticle homolog 1a0.829
wnt11rwingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 11, related0.827
tbx5aT-box 5a0.825
flhfloating head0.823
pbx4pre-B-cell leukemia transcription factor 40.822
wnt8bwingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 8b0.814
dact1dapper homolog 1, antagonist of beta-catenin (xenopus)0.813
fn1fibronectin 10.811
irx4biroquois homeobox protein 4b0.807
bocbrother of CDO0.806
elavl3ELAV (embryonic lethal, abnormal vision, Drosophila)-like 3 (Hu antigen C)0.805
notch3notch homolog 30.801
atoh7atonal homolog 70.795
scn8aasodium channel, voltage-gated, type VIII, alpha a0.792
lamb2laminin, beta 2 (laminin S)0.786
prdm14PR domain containing 140.786
pea3ETS-domain transcription factor pea30.781
emx3empty spiracles homeobox 30.780
osr2odd-skipped related 2 (Drosophila)0.779
rx3retinal homeobox gene 30.768
foxg1aforkhead box G1a0.768
disp1dispatched homolog 1 (Drosophila)0.767
ctnnb1catenin (cadherin-associated protein), beta 10.765
rdh10aretinol dehydrogenase 10a0.756
wnt2bbwingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 2Bb0.754
fezf2FEZ family zinc finger 20.744
neurodneurogenic differentiation0.739
ephb4beph receptor B4b0.735
fgf3fibroblast growth factor 30.735
pax6bpaired box gene 6b0.733
phox2apaired-like homeobox 2a0.731
epha4beph receptor A4b0.725
gnrh3gonadotropin-releasing hormone 30.723
mafbav-maf musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene family, protein B (avian)0.715
lamb1alaminin, beta 1a0.713
mpxmyeloid-specific peroxidase0.712
gro1groucho 10.695
sim1asingle-minded homolog 1a (Drosophila)0.695
shhbsonic hedgehog b0.695
wnt11wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 110.694
tuba1tubulin, alpha 10.691
lhx5LIM homeobox 50.687
tbx2bT-box 2b0.681
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Drosophila melanogaster
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
FYNFYN oncogene related to SRC, FGR, YES1.000
EGFRepidermal growth factor receptor1.000
ITGB1integrin, beta 1 (fibronectin receptor, beta polypeptide, antigen CD29 includes MDF2, MSK12)0.999
FN1fibronectin 10.999
CDC42cell division cycle 42 (GTP binding protein, 25kDa)0.999
FLNAfilamin A, alpha0.992
ERBB3v-erb-b2 erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 3 (avian)0.992
SMAD2SMAD family member 20.990
CREBBPCREB binding protein0.988
QKIquaking homolog, KH domain RNA binding (mouse)0.983
FHL2four and a half LIM domains 20.982
TP53tumor protein p530.974
CTNNB1catenin (cadherin-associated protein), beta 1, 88kDa0.972
RB1retinoblastoma 10.969
RAF1v-raf-1 murine leukemia viral oncogene homolog 10.966
SRCv-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian)0.964
ERBB2v-erb-b2 erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 2, neuro/glioblastoma derived oncogene homolog (avian)0.960
SMARCA4SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, member 40.958
RAC1ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (rho family, small GTP binding protein Rac1)0.956
LAMC1laminin, gamma 1 (formerly LAMB2)0.954
SMAD3SMAD family member 30.949
ATXN1ataxin 10.942
ABL1c-abl oncogene 1, non-receptor tyrosine kinase0.936
NCOR1nuclear receptor corepressor 10.933
GSK3Bglycogen synthase kinase 3 beta0.932
ARandrogen receptor0.931
ATF2activating transcription factor 20.901
HDAC1histone deacetylase 10.896
RHOAras homolog gene family, member A0.893
SHC1SHC (Src homology 2 domain containing) transforming protein 10.845
LATS2LATS, large tumor suppressor, homolog 2 (Drosophila)0.840
TCF3transcription factor 3 (E2A immunoglobulin enhancer binding factors E12/E47)0.832
COL5A1collagen, type V, alpha 10.826
DYRK1Adual-specificity tyrosine-(Y)-phosphorylation regulated kinase 1A0.824
SIN3ASIN3 homolog A, transcription regulator (yeast)0.816
SKIv-ski sarcoma viral oncogene homolog (avian)0.812
PAFAH1B1platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase 1b, regulatory subunit 1 (45kDa)0.812
COL4A2collagen, type IV, alpha 20.769
YWHAEtyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, epsilon polypeptide0.763
IGF1Rinsulin-like growth factor 1 receptor0.759
JAG1jagged 10.756
THBS1thrombospondin 10.745
HDAC2histone deacetylase 20.741
CBLCas-Br-M (murine) ecotropic retroviral transforming sequence0.727
BCAR1breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 10.727
HSPG2heparan sulfate proteoglycan 20.726
DHX30DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box polypeptide 300.722
ITGA5integrin, alpha 5 (fibronectin receptor, alpha polypeptide)0.720
EP300E1A binding protein p3000.720
JUNjun proto-oncogene0.709
XRCC6X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 60.709
MAPTmicrotubule-associated protein tau0.706
SKILSKI-like oncogene0.693
NTRK3neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 30.692
PIK3R1phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 1 (alpha)0.683
NR4A1nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 10.675
NCAM1neural cell adhesion molecule 10.674
ATN1atrophin 10.670
ANXA2annexin A20.670
TCF4transcription factor 40.667
YWHAZtyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, zeta polypeptide0.663
DVL3dishevelled, dsh homolog 3 (Drosophila)0.660
SOS1son of sevenless homolog 1 (Drosophila)0.651
APCadenomatous polyposis coli0.643
MPRIPmyosin phosphatase Rho interacting protein0.642
SMURF2SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 20.640
SOX11SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 110.638
HDAC4histone deacetylase 40.633
LAMB1laminin, beta 10.629
COL1A2collagen, type I, alpha 20.619
NCOA1nuclear receptor coactivator 10.613
CRKv-crk sarcoma virus CT10 oncogene homolog (avian)0.610
MYOD1myogenic differentiation 10.586
ILKintegrin-linked kinase0.580
FBLN1fibulin 10.574
ITSN1intersectin 1 (SH3 domain protein)0.568
SMAD4SMAD family member 40.567
MAPK8mitogen-activated protein kinase 80.566
COL5A2collagen, type V, alpha 20.564
PLXNB1plexin B10.562
CAV1caveolin 1, caveolae protein, 22kDa0.561
ACTN1actinin, alpha 10.557
ITGAVintegrin, alpha V (vitronectin receptor, alpha polypeptide, antigen CD51)0.555
GRB2growth factor receptor-bound protein 20.554
ZMYND11zinc finger, MYND-type containing 110.542
TAL1T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia 10.538
DAB2disabled homolog 2, mitogen-responsive phosphoprotein (Drosophila)0.535
ESR1estrogen receptor 10.533
BMP7bone morphogenetic protein 70.529
NOTCH3notch 30.528
COL4A1collagen, type IV, alpha 10.525
SMAD1SMAD family member 10.524
FGFR2fibroblast growth factor receptor 20.519
RELAv-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog A (avian)0.513
SIRT1sirtuin 10.510
PDGFRBplatelet-derived growth factor receptor, beta polypeptide0.510
EGR1early growth response 10.509
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Mus musculus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
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Rattus norvegicus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Map2microtubule-associated protein 20.717
Fgfr2fibroblast growth factor receptor 20.709
Gria2glutamate receptor, ionotropic, AMPA 20.538
Nedd4neural precursor cell expressed, developmentally down-regulated 40.493
Nrxn1neurexin 10.488
Slc6a6solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, taurine), member 60.480
Lin7blin-7 homolog b (C. elegans)0.469
Col12a1collagen, type XII, alpha 10.415
Metmet proto-oncogene0.409
Myh9myosin, heavy chain 9, non-muscle0.396
Adrb1adrenergic, beta-1-, receptor0.394
Tpm3tropomyosin 3, gamma0.386
Klf6Kruppel-like factor 60.386
Elavl4ELAV (embryonic lethal, abnormal vision, Drosophila)-like 4 (Hu antigen D)0.382
Mmp14matrix metallopeptidase 14 (membrane-inserted)0.381
Accn2amiloride-sensitive cation channel 2, neuronal0.344
Fgfr1Fibroblast growth factor receptor 10.334
Gprc5cG protein-coupled receptor, family C, group 5, member C0.331
Pacs1phosphofurin acidic cluster sorting protein 10.326
Prrx1paired related homeobox 10.320
Tgfbr2transforming growth factor, beta receptor II0.316
Galr3galanin receptor 30.313
Acta2smooth muscle alpha-actin0.312
Isl1ISL LIM homeobox 10.309
Lamc1laminin, gamma 10.303
Cacnb1calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 1 subunit0.295
Hist1h1dhistone cluster 1, H1d0.274
Pfn1profilin 10.274
Grin1glutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl D-aspartate 10.270
Dchs1dachsous 1 (Drosophila)0.268
Ptpn18protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 180.264
Slc1a1solute carrier family 1 (neuronal/epithelial high affinity glutamate transporter, system Xag), member 10.260
Calcrlcalcitonin receptor-like0.249
Iqgap1IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein 10.242
Dlgap1discs, large (Drosophila) homolog-associated protein 10.238
Hsp90ab1heat shock protein 90 alpha (cytosolic), class B member 10.238
Myo1cmyosin IC0.237
Cadm1cell adhesion molecule 10.235
Dag1dystroglycan 1 (dystrophin-associated glycoprotein 1)0.235
Slc24a2solute carrier family 24 (sodium/potassium/calcium exchanger), member 20.229
Ywhaetyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, epsilon polypeptide0.224
Nr4a1nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 10.215
Grm5glutamate receptor, metabotropic 50.210
Jak2Janus kinase 20.207
Smad7SMAD family member 70.205
P2rx3purinergic receptor P2X, ligand-gated ion channel, 30.203
Ywhabtyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, beta polypeptide0.203
Gata6GATA binding protein 60.202
Dnaja2DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily A, member 20.202
Brunol5bruno-like 5, RNA binding protein (Drosophila)0.201
Dlgap3discs, large (Drosophila) homolog-associated protein 30.200
Anxa2annexin A20.199
Itgb1integrin, beta 10.198
Nlgn2neuroligin 20.197
Cyth3cytohesin 30.195
Kcnb1potassium voltage gated channel, Shab-related subfamily, member 10.194
Notch1Notch homolog 1, translocation-associated (Drosophila)0.194
Robo2roundabout homolog 2 (Drosophila)0.194
Lphn2latrophilin 20.194
Cpdcarboxypeptidase D0.193
Gabrb1gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor, beta 10.192
Erbb4v-erb-a erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 4 (avian)0.192
Stxbp2syntaxin binding protein 20.191
Apcadenomatous polyposis coli0.191
Prkchprotein kinase C, eta0.190
Sirpasignal-regulatory protein alpha0.189
Atp2b3ATPase, Ca++ transporting, plasma membrane 30.188
Cap1CAP, adenylate cyclase-associated protein 1 (yeast)0.188
Ctnnd2catenin (cadherin-associated protein), delta 2 (neural plakophilin-related arm-repeat protein)0.187
Matkmegakaryocyte-associated tyrosine kinase0.187
Ptprsprotein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, S0.186
Ankrd1ankyrin repeat domain 1 (cardiac muscle)0.186
Mpeg1macrophage expressed 10.185
Cnn1calponin 1, basic, smooth muscle0.183
Rykreceptor-like tyrosine kinase0.178
Ntrk3neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 30.178
Dlg4discs, large homolog 4 (Drosophila)0.176
Klc1kinesin light chain 10.173
Nefmneurofilament, medium polypeptide0.171
Tcf4transcription factor 40.170
Rap1bRAP1B, member of RAS oncogene family0.166
Pde4bphosphodiesterase 4B, cAMP specific0.163
Tmod2tropomodulin 20.162
Ntrk1neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 10.161
Ngfrnerve growth factor receptor (TNFR superfamily, member 16)0.161
St8sia2ST8 alpha-N-acetyl-neuraminide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 20.158
Dlg1discs, large homolog 1 (Drosophila)0.157
Purbpurine rich element binding protein B0.155
Gdf11growth differentiation factor 110.152
Arf6ADP-ribosylation factor 60.150
Dlg3discs, large homolog 3 (Drosophila)0.149
Stk10serine/threonine kinase 100.146
Pip4k2bphosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate 4-kinase, type II, beta0.146
Ptprkprotein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, K, extracellular region0.146
Cltcclathrin, heavy chain (Hc)0.145
Hspb1heat shock protein 10.145
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism