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Multiple Organisms

centrosome localization

Any process in which a centrosome is transported to, and/or maintained in, a specific location within the cell.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
F47B3.7Protein F47B3.70.012
C18H7.7Protein C18H7.70.012
msp-50Protein MSP-500.012
F40H6.1Protein F40H6.10.011
R05D3.5Protein R05D3.50.011
CELE_Y44A6D.5Protein Y44A6D.50.011
C09B9.2Protein C09B9.20.011
C50D2.3Protein C50D2.30.010
K09C6.7Protein K09C6.70.010
CELE_F58D2.2Protein F58D2.20.010
cyc-2.2Protein CYC-2.20.010
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Danio rerio
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
pafah1b1bplatelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase, isoform Ib, alpha subunit b0.742
pafah1b1aplatelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase, isoform Ib, alpha subunit a0.504
gnao1aguanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha activating activity polypeptide O, a0.069
prom1aprominin 1a0.059
stat3signal transduction and activation of transcription 30.043
LOC563527brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 1-like0.041
ctbp2lC-terminal binding protein 2, like0.040
ndel1anudE nuclear distribution gene E homolog like 1 (A. nidulans) A0.038
LOC100001530isotocin receptor-like 20.033
il13ra2interleukin 13 receptor, alpha 20.033
cadps2Ca2+-dependent activator protein for secretion 20.032
col17a1bcollagen, type XVII, alpha 1b0.030
bbs4Bardet-Biedl syndrome 40.029
rorbRAR-related orphan receptor B0.029
zar1zygote arrest 10.029
rp2retinitis pigmentosa 2 (X-linked recessive)0.028
esyt3extended synaptotagmin-like protein 30.028
pdzd7aPDZ domain containing 7a0.027
rtn1areticulon 1a0.026
etv1ets variant gene 10.026
LOC569768metabotropic glutamate receptor 8-like0.024
fcho2FCH domain only 20.023
ptpraprotein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, A0.023
otud7bOTU domain containing 7B0.023
appaamyloid beta (A4) precursor protein a0.023
ttc39ctetratricopeptide repeat domain 39C0.023
prkczprotein kinase C, zeta0.021
npepl1aminopeptidase-like 10.021
LOC799274kinesin heavy chain isoform 5A-like0.021
trpc1transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 10.020
mettl3methyltransferase like 30.020
uchl1ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase L1 (ubiquitin thiolesterase)0.020
elavl2ELAV (embryonic lethal, abnormal vision, Drosophila)-like 2 (Hu antigen B)0.020
klf7Kruppel-like factor 7 (ubiquitous)0.019
alcambactivated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule b0.019
acvr1bactivin A receptor, type IB0.019
pink1PTEN induced putative kinase 10.019
camk2g1calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase (CaM kinase) II gamma 10.018
rab22aRAB22A, member RAS oncogene family0.018
crhcorticotropin releasing hormone0.018
LOC567452G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5-like0.018
zfpl1zinc finger protein-like 10.018
tnrc5trinucleotide repeat containing 50.017
grmaglutamate receptor, metabotropic a0.017
cx30.3connexin 30.30.017
grhl3grainyhead-like 30.017
ube4bubiquitination factor E4B, UFD2 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.017
clrn1clarin 10.017
ap2a1adaptor-related protein complex 2, alpha 1 subunit0.017
unc5dbunc-5 homolog Db (C. elegans)0.016
map2k7mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 70.016
slc25a25asolute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; phosphate carrier), member 25a0.016
hopxHOP homeobox0.016
spsb1splA/ryanodine receptor domain and SOCS box containing 10.016
neil3nei endonuclease VIII-like 3 (E. coli)0.016
pikfyvephosphoinositide kinase, FYVE finger containing0.015
rgp1RGP1 retrograde golgi transport homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.015
myo6bmyosin VIb0.015
gpc3glypican 30.015
cdc42cell division cycle 420.015
sbno2astrawberry notch homolog 2a0.015
ripk2receptor-interacting serine-threonine kinase 20.015
stamsignal transducing adaptor molecule (SH3 domain and ITAM motif) 10.015
LOC796298isotocin receptor-like 10.015
ppm1aaprotein phosphatase, Mg2+/Mn2+ dependent, 1Aa0.015
syne2aspectrin repeat containing, nuclear envelope 2a0.015
fmr1fragile X mental retardation 10.015
gria3aglutamate receptor, ionotropic, AMPA 3a0.014
nr1d2anuclear receptor subfamily 1, group D, member 2a0.014
kif5ckinesin family member 5C0.014
drgxdorsal root ganglia homeobox0.014
celsr1acadherin EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 1a0.014
srprsignal recognition particle receptor (docking protein)0.014
cacna1icalcium channel, voltage-dependent, T type, alpha 1I subunit0.014
sp2sp2 transcription factor0.014
tmem161btransmembrane protein 161B0.014
htr1aa5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 1A a0.013
csnk1g2acasein kinase 1, gamma 2a0.013
abca12ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 120.013
slit2slit (Drosophila) homolog 20.013
ctbp2C-terminal binding protein 20.013
pkp2plakophilin 20.013
cyp3c4cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily C, polypeptide 40.013
stmn2bstathmin-like 2b0.013
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Drosophila melanogaster
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Ptp69DProtein tyrosine phosphatase 69D0.102
Arp87CActin-related protein 87C0.035
ana3anastral spindle 30.033
CaMKIICalcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II0.026
lkb1CG9374 gene product from transcript CG9374-RJ0.023
cbscentrosomin's beautiful sister0.019
SNF1ASNF1A/AMP-activated protein kinase0.017
CG4680CG4680 gene product from transcript CG4680-RA0.013
Pdp1PAR-domain protein 10.013
tacctransforming acidic coiled-coil protein0.011
chbchromosome bows0.010
Nrx-IVNeurexin IV0.010
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Homo sapiens
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
PRKCZprotein kinase C, zeta0.116
SUN1Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 10.101
SUN2Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 20.056
DYNLT3dynein, light chain, Tctex-type 30.035
F11RF11 receptor0.031
FBXW11F-box and WD repeat domain containing 110.024
AP2A1adaptor-related protein complex 2, alpha 1 subunit0.022
CLIP1CAP-GLY domain containing linker protein 10.021
RAB11FIP1RAB11 family interacting protein 1 (class I)0.018
EPS15epidermal growth factor receptor pathway substrate 150.016
PRKCIprotein kinase C, iota0.015
PARD6Apar-6 partitioning defective 6 homolog alpha (C. elegans)0.014
RAP1GAPRAP1 GTPase activating protein0.013
CRKv-crk sarcoma virus CT10 oncogene homolog (avian)0.013
JAM3junctional adhesion molecule 30.012
CDK5R1cyclin-dependent kinase 5, regulatory subunit 1 (p35)0.011
RAB11FIP2RAB11 family interacting protein 2 (class I)0.011
STON2stonin 20.011
CADM4cell adhesion molecule 40.010
RUNDC3BRUN domain containing 3B0.010
TRAF5TNF receptor-associated factor 50.010
CAB39calcium binding protein 390.010
PLCB3phospholipase C, beta 3 (phosphatidylinositol-specific)0.010
CALM1calmodulin 1 (phosphorylase kinase, delta)0.010
RBFOX1RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog (C. elegans) 10.010
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Mus musculus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Arhgef11Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 110.896
Sema6asema domain, transmembrane domain (TM), and cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 6A0.559
Nrp1neuropilin 10.197
Pafah1b1platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase, isoform 1b, subunit 10.197
Ndel1nuclear distribution gene E-like homolog 1 (A. nidulans)0.126
Nde1nuclear distribution gene E homolog 1 (A nidulans)0.097
Epha4Eph receptor A40.066
Appamyloid beta (A4) precursor protein0.062
Arhgef12Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 120.059
Stx12syntaxin 120.047
Prkczprotein kinase C, zeta0.038
Ctnna1catenin (cadherin associated protein), alpha 10.035
Lama5laminin, alpha 50.026
Cenpfcentromere protein F0.022
Fam83gfamily with sequence similarity 83, member G0.019
Dazldeleted in azoospermia-like0.018
RgnefRho-guanine nucleotide exchange factor0.018
Plxna4plexin A40.017
Cdk5r1cyclin-dependent kinase 5, regulatory subunit 1 (p35)0.016
Dlg4discs, large homolog 4 (Drosophila)0.015
Nrp2neuropilin 20.015
Gnaqguanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha q polypeptide0.015
Dync1i1dynein cytoplasmic 1 intermediate chain 10.014
Kcna6potassium voltage-gated channel, shaker-related, subfamily, member 60.014
Plxna1plexin A10.014
Pld2phospholipase D20.013
Epn2epsin 20.013
Ednrbendothelin receptor type B0.013
Pvrl1poliovirus receptor-related 10.012
Sema3csema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3C0.012
Tsnaxtranslin-associated factor X0.012
Sema6dsema domain, transmembrane domain (TM), and cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 6D0.012
NynrinNYN domain and retroviral integrase containing0.012
Itga3integrin alpha 30.012
Syne2synaptic nuclear envelope 20.012
Sdc3syndecan 30.012
Dag1dystroglycan 10.012
Pvrl3poliovirus receptor-related 30.011
Ednraendothelin receptor type A0.011
Sema5asema domain, seven thrombospondin repeats (type 1 and type 1-like), transmembrane domain (TM) and short cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 5A0.011
Clip2CAP-GLY domain containing linker protein 20.010
Dynll1dynein light chain LC8-type 10.010
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Rattus norvegicus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Apbb1amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein-binding, family B, member 1 (Fe65)0.079
NapaN-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein, alpha0.062
Cltcclathrin, heavy chain (Hc)0.058
Rabac1Rab acceptor 1 (prenylated)0.043
Txnl1thioredoxin-like 10.035
Dnajb9DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily B, member 90.034
Ate1arginyltransferase 10.032
Dync1i2dynein cytoplasmic 1 intermediate chain 20.031
Rab1bRAB1B, member RAS oncogene family0.031
Sumo1SMT3 suppressor of mif two 3 homolog 1 (S. cerevisiae)0.027
Eif4eeukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E0.026
Brcc3BRCA1/BRCA2-containing complex, subunit 30.022
Trim3tripartite motif-containing 30.022
Ube2d2ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2D 2 (UBC4/5 homolog, yeast)0.021
Nfe2l2nuclear factor, erythroid derived 2, like 20.020
Hiat1hippocampus abundant gene transcript 10.019
Serinc3serine incorporator 30.019
Tecrtrans-2,3-enoyl-CoA reductase0.018
Scamp1secretory carrier membrane protein 10.017
Ppp1ccprotein phosphatase 1, catalytic subunit, gamma isoform0.015
Tada3ltranscriptional adaptor 3 (NGG1 homolog, yeast)-like0.014
Tbk1TANK-binding kinase 10.014
Rcn2reticulocalbin 2, EF-hand calcium binding domain0.014
Capza1capping protein (actin filament) muscle Z-line, alpha 10.013
Sgtasmall glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing, alpha0.013
Sirt2sirtuin (silent mating type information regulation 2 homolog) 2 (S. cerevisiae)0.013
Kif2ckinesin family member 2C0.013
Ap3m1adaptor-related protein complex 3, mu 1 subunit0.013
AdprhADP-ribosylarginine hydrolase0.012
Mfn2mitofusin 20.012
Supt5hsuppressor of Ty 5 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.012
Tmem9bTMEM9 domain family, member B0.012
Vps11vacuolar protein sorting 11 homolog (S. cerevisiae)0.012
Azin1antizyme inhibitor 10.011
Ppp2r2aprotein phosphatase 2 (formerly 2A), regulatory subunit B, alpha isoform0.011
Slc30a4solute carrier family 30 (zinc transporter), member 40.011
Capn2calpain 20.011
Pitpnaphosphatidylinositol transfer protein, alpha0.011
LOC100362727ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase CYLD0.011
Rab3aRAB3A, member RAS oncogene family0.011
Gclmglutamate cysteine ligase, modifier subunit0.010
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism