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Multiple Organisms

detection of stimulus

The series of events in which a stimulus is received by a cell or organism and converted into a molecular signal.

NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
opn1lw1opsin 1 (cone pigments), long-wave-sensitive, 10.840
guca1cguanylate cyclase activator 1C0.828
opn1sw2opsin 1 (cone pigments), short-wave-sensitive 20.791
cdh23cadherin-like 230.790
LOC557722similar to transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 50.709
cacna1dacalcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1D subunit, a0.707
trpv4transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 40.677
llgl2lethal giant larvae homolog 2 (Drosophila)0.628
cdh2cadherin 2, neuronal0.615
opn4lopsin 4, like0.593
aanat2arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase0.581
gnat1guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha transducing activity polypeptide 10.579
gc3guanylyl cyclase 30.552
opn1sw1opsin 1 (cone pigments), short-wave-sensitive 10.408
gnaiaguanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha inhibiting activity polypeptide a0.393
gnat2guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha transducing activity polypeptide 20.365
scn1basodium channel, voltage-gated, type I, beta a0.356
opn1mw1opsin 1 (cone pigments), medium-wave-sensitive, 10.323
arr3aarrestin 3a, retinal (X-arrestin)0.315
cyfip2cytoplasmic FMR1 interacting protein 20.306
grk7aG-protein-coupled receptor kinase 7a0.288
shhasonic hedgehog a0.277
opn4x1opsin 4x10.268
opn4aopsin 4a (melanopsin)0.230
tas1r3taste receptor, type 1, member 30.227
tas1r2.1taste receptor, type 1, member 2.10.225
myo7aamyosin VIIAa0.225
crxcone-rod homeobox0.224
phox2bpaired-like homeobox 2b0.221
synj1synaptojanin 10.221
scn1labsodium channel, voltage-gated, type I like, alpha b0.220
cdh4cadherin 4, retinal0.214
tas1r2.2taste receptor, type 1, member 2.20.205
slc15a2solute carrier family 15 (H+/peptide transporter), member 20.185
acvr2aactivin receptor IIa0.184
LOC556160guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit alpha-14-like0.177
otx5orthodenticle homolog 50.166
rbp4lretinol binding protein 4, like0.163
gna13bguanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha 13b0.160
irbpinterphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein0.154
clrn1clarin 10.151
drgxdorsal root ganglia homeobox0.146
tas2r200.2taste receptor, type 2, member 200.20.137
ptenbphosphatase and tensin homolog B (mutated in multiple advanced cancers 1)0.133
pde6cphosphodiesterase 6C, cGMP-specific, cone, alpha prime0.128
rtn4rreticulon 4 receptor0.127
spry4sprouty (Drosophila) homolog 40.127
ush1cUsher syndrome 1C (autosomal recessive, severe)0.126
pacsin3protein kinase C and casein kinase substrate in neurons 30.125
gnasGNAS complex locus0.122
gpibglucose phosphate isomerase b0.122
pi4kbphosphatidylinositol 4-kinase, catalytic, beta0.120
pink1PTEN induced putative kinase 10.107
alcambactivated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule b0.101
slc12a2solute carrier family 12 (potassium/chloride transporters), member 20.101
tas2r200.1taste receptor, type 2, member 200.10.100
gna12guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein) alpha 120.099
trpa1btransient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily A, member 1b0.094
arr3barrestin 3b, retinal (X-arrestin)0.088
rx2retinal homeobox gene 20.086
rx1retinal homeobox gene 10.083
mpp5bmembrane protein, palmitoylated 5b (MAGUK p55 subfamily member 5b)0.082
rdh5retinol dehydrogenase 5 (11-cis/9-cis)0.081
cacnb1calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 1 subunit0.079
guca1dguanylate cyclase activator 1d0.078
s100tS100 calcium binding protein T0.076
gna13aguanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha 13a0.075
fgf10afibroblast growth factor 10a0.073
elnaelastin a0.071
gnav1guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein) alpha v10.070
plxnb2aplexin b2a0.070
ca7carbonic anhydrase VII0.070
cdiptCDP-diacylglycerol--inositol 3-phosphatidyltransferase (phosphatidylinositol synthase)0.069
ift88intraflagellar transport 88 homolog0.068
gnb3bguanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), beta polypeptide 3b0.065
gfi1.2growth factor independent 1.20.064
celsr3cadherin, EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 30.064
gngt1guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), gamma transducing activity polypeptide 10.063
tas1r1taste receptor, type 1, member 10.062
tcf12transcription factor 120.060
gna11guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha 11 (Gq class)0.059
calm2acalmodulin 2a (phosphorylase kinase, delta)0.059
elnbelastin b0.056
flhfloating head0.056
cc2d2acoiled-coil and C2 domain containing 2A0.054
sh3gl1bSH3-domain GRB2-like 1b0.054
pde6aphosphodiesterase 6A, cGMP-specific, rod, alpha0.052
arf1ADP-ribosylation factor 10.052
gfra2glial cell line derived neurotrophic factor family receptor alpha 20.051
ckbbcreatine kinase, brain b0.051
bmp2bbone morphogenetic protein 2b0.051
col5a3bcollagen type V alpha-3b0.050
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Caenorhabditis elegans
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
goa-1Protein GOA-10.020
tax-6Protein TAX-60.018
ida-1Protein IDA-10.018
plc-3Protein PLC-30.016
egl-36Protein EGL-360.016
eat-6Protein EAT-60.014
unc-9Protein UNC-90.013
dve-1Protein DVE-10.013
eat-4Protein EAT-40.012
pry-1Protein PRY-10.012
gpb-1Protein GPB-10.010
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Drosophila melanogaster
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
TrpA1Transient receptor potential A11.000
trptransient receptor potential1.000
inaDinactivation no afterpotential D0.998
Arr2Arrestin 20.996
Or46aOdorant receptor 46a0.994
Galpha49BG protein alpha49B0.993
G-oalpha47AG protein oalpha 47A0.990
Or67dOdorant receptor 67d0.982
rdgCretinal degeneration C0.976
Or94bOdorant receptor 94b0.972
rdgAretinal degeneration A0.971
Or83bOdorant receptor 83b0.968
Rh3Rhodopsin 30.967
Or13aOdorant receptor 13a0.962
ninaEneither inactivation nor afterpotential E0.956
nompCno mechanoreceptor potential C0.949
eagether a go-go0.936
Gr64cGustatory receptor 64c0.920
Gr59cGustatory receptor 59c0.914
ninaCneither inactivation nor afterpotential C0.914
Or94aOdorant receptor 94a0.901
inaCinactivation no afterpotential C0.900
ppk11pickpocket 110.888
Or42aOdorant receptor 42a0.880
shakBshaking B0.876
Or42bOdorant receptor 42b0.875
Or83cOdorant receptor 83c0.867
Ir92aIonotropic receptor 92a0.865
Or49aOdorant receptor 49a0.864
Ir64aIonotropic receptor 64a0.864
Or33bOdorant receptor 33b0.863
elavembryonic lethal abnormal vision0.860
Or59aOdorant receptor 59a0.844
Rh5Rhodopsin 50.833
ninaAneither inactivation nor afterpotential A0.832
norpAno receptor potential A0.829
CdsACDP diglyceride synthetase0.815
rdgBretinal degeneration B0.815
Gr64fGustatory receptor 64f0.799
Or24aOdorant receptor 24a0.793
lushCG8807 gene product from transcript CG8807-RA0.792
Gbeta76CG protein beta-subunit 76C0.787
Or35aOdorant receptor 35a0.783
Ir84aIonotropic receptor 84a0.761
TbhTyramine beta hydroxylase0.758
Arr1Arrestin 10.753
Or85cOdorant receptor 85c0.736
Gr43aGustatory receptor 43a0.735
Or74aOdorant receptor 74a0.725
gfAgiant fibre A0.690
Rh6Rhodopsin 60.664
Gyc88EGuanylyl cyclase at 88E0.655
Or45bOdorant receptor 45b0.637
Vha100-1CG1709 gene product from transcript CG1709-RF0.622
CG33289CG33289 gene product from transcript CG33289-RA0.608
Gr33aGustatory receptor 33a0.605
Or7aOdorant receptor 7a0.603
CG9990CG9990 gene product from transcript CG9990-RA0.602
ShabShaker cognate b0.601
Gr64aGustatory receptor 64a0.591
Or10aOdorant receptor 10a0.589
Or2aOdorant receptor 2a0.583
Ork1Open rectifier K[+] channel 10.575
Or82aOdorant receptor 82a0.550
Or67bOdorant receptor 67b0.549
CG32792CG32792 gene product from transcript CG32792-RF0.548
Ir8aIonotropic receptor 8a0.528
modSPmodular serine protease0.513
CG13762CG13762 gene product from transcript CG13762-RB0.486
Mgat1UDP-GlcNAc:a-3-D-mannoside-beta-1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I0.480
Or47aOdorant receptor 47a0.477
Gr64eGustatory receptor 64e0.471
ppk25pickpocket 250.467
Gr64bGustatory receptor 64b0.465
ppk23pickpocket 230.462
ppk19pickpocket 190.455
spensplit ends0.453
Or22cOdorant receptor 22c0.451
Gyc-89DbGuanylyl cyclase at 89Db0.449
CG4468CG4468 gene product from transcript CG4468-RA0.410
Nmdar2NMDA receptor 20.405
stopsslow termination of phototransduction0.401
hipkhomeodomain interacting protein kinase0.389
inaF-DCG42563 gene product from transcript CG42563-RB0.383
FatpFatty acid (long chain) transport protein0.383
Gr32aGustatory receptor 32a0.379
GNBP3Gram-negative bacteria binding protein 30.372
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Homo sapiens
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
HLA-Amajor histocompatibility complex, class I, A0.998
HLA-Bmajor histocompatibility complex, class I, B0.997
HSP90AA1heat shock protein 90kDa alpha (cytosolic), class A member 10.996
HLA-Cmajor histocompatibility complex, class I, C0.989
CASP1caspase 1, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase (interleukin 1, beta, convertase)0.947
ARRB1arrestin, beta 10.938
HLA-Gmajor histocompatibility complex, class I, G0.930
RIPK2receptor-interacting serine-threonine kinase 20.906
HLA-Fmajor histocompatibility complex, class I, F0.900
PKD2polycystic kidney disease 2 (autosomal dominant)0.883
ACTN2actinin, alpha 20.880
HLA-Emajor histocompatibility complex, class I, E0.861
DLG4discs, large homolog 4 (Drosophila)0.716
TFF1trefoil factor 10.700
POU3F2POU class 3 homeobox 20.698
KCNA1potassium voltage-gated channel, shaker-related subfamily, member 1 (episodic ataxia with myokymia)0.662
XRCC1X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 10.612
COL1A1collagen, type I, alpha 10.579
COL4A1collagen, type IV, alpha 10.560
CABP1calcium binding protein 10.504
NCF1neutrophil cytosolic factor 10.492
TLR4toll-like receptor 40.490
COL1A2collagen, type I, alpha 20.425
PYCARDPYD and CARD domain containing0.402
TGFBR2transforming growth factor, beta receptor II (70/80kDa)0.392
VDAC1voltage-dependent anion channel 10.391
KCNA4potassium voltage-gated channel, shaker-related subfamily, member 40.387
LAMB1laminin, beta 10.356
COL3A1collagen, type III, alpha 10.351
SPARCsecreted protein, acidic, cysteine-rich (osteonectin)0.317
PAX3paired box 30.308
TLR2toll-like receptor 20.294
FGFR1fibroblast growth factor receptor 10.272
AP1M1adaptor-related protein complex 1, mu 1 subunit0.264
HLA-DMAmajor histocompatibility complex, class II, DM alpha0.260
LY96lymphocyte antigen 960.254
MYD88myeloid differentiation primary response gene (88)0.245
LOXlysyl oxidase0.244
MEOX2mesenchyme homeobox 20.243
NEDD4neural precursor cell expressed, developmentally down-regulated 40.240
PTGES3prostaglandin E synthase 3 (cytosolic)0.233
SMAD7SMAD family member 70.212
NEDD4Lneural precursor cell expressed, developmentally down-regulated 4-like0.208
PDGFRAplatelet-derived growth factor receptor, alpha polypeptide0.206
FAM162Afamily with sequence similarity 162, member A0.206
MYOZ1myozenin 10.201
POU5F1POU class 5 homeobox 10.196
CTSScathepsin S0.196
H2AFXH2A histone family, member X0.193
NGFnerve growth factor (beta polypeptide)0.187
COL5A2collagen, type V, alpha 20.187
ITPR2inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor, type 20.183
ITGB1integrin, beta 1 (fibronectin receptor, beta polypeptide, antigen CD29 includes MDF2, MSK12)0.178
BIRC3baculoviral IAP repeat containing 30.177
ITGA5integrin, alpha 5 (fibronectin receptor, alpha polypeptide)0.173
AFF2AF4/FMR2 family, member 20.170
ADRBK1adrenergic, beta, receptor kinase 10.167
BLOC1S2biogenesis of lysosomal organelles complex-1, subunit 20.166
PKD1polycystic kidney disease 1 (autosomal dominant)0.165
NCF4neutrophil cytosolic factor 4, 40kDa0.165
HSPA8heat shock 70kDa protein 80.163
HCN4hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide-gated potassium channel 40.160
HLA-DQA1major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha 10.160
CDH1cadherin 1, type 1, E-cadherin (epithelial)0.159
TAP1transporter 1, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP)0.159
CTNNBIP1catenin, beta interacting protein 10.157
CACNA1Ccalcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1C subunit0.155
CYBAcytochrome b-245, alpha polypeptide0.150
ARRB2arrestin, beta 20.149
AKAP6A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein 60.145
GUCY1B3guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, beta 30.141
CYFIP1cytoplasmic FMR1 interacting protein 10.140
GRM7glutamate receptor, metabotropic 70.138
AP2B1adaptor-related protein complex 2, beta 1 subunit0.137
PRKCDprotein kinase C, delta0.135
MYO10myosin X0.133
TRIM9tripartite motif containing 90.133
MYCNv-myc myelocytomatosis viral related oncogene, neuroblastoma derived (avian)0.130
CAMK2Acalcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II alpha0.127
PTCH1patched 10.125
CALCAcalcitonin-related polypeptide alpha0.118
TLR1toll-like receptor 10.117
MAP3K5mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 50.116
UQCRC2ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase core protein II0.114
HLA-DRB4major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 40.113
GRIN2Bglutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl D-aspartate 2B0.111
GRIN2Cglutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl D-aspartate 2C0.109
HLA-DRAmajor histocompatibility complex, class II, DR alpha0.109
PDGFBplatelet-derived growth factor beta polypeptide (simian sarcoma viral (v-sis) oncogene homolog)0.107
SALL2sal-like 2 (Drosophila)0.106
COL6A1collagen, type VI, alpha 10.103
MAPK4mitogen-activated protein kinase 40.103
GRIN2Aglutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl D-aspartate 2A0.102
NLRC4NLR family, CARD domain containing 40.102
FOXD3forkhead box D30.102
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Mus musculus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Thrbthyroid hormone receptor beta0.989
Pax2paired box gene 20.986
Grin1glutamate receptor, ionotropic, NMDA1 (zeta 1)0.956
Tgfb2transforming growth factor, beta 20.899
Atp2b2ATPase, Ca++ transporting, plasma membrane 20.894
Pou4f3POU domain, class 4, transcription factor 30.823
Gli3GLI-Kruppel family member GLI30.806
Efnb2ephrin B20.794
Eya1eyes absent 1 homolog (Drosophila)0.793
Retret proto-oncogene0.758
Ctnnb1catenin (cadherin associated protein), beta 10.749
Clec4dC-type lectin domain family 4, member d0.715
Ush1gUsher syndrome 1G homolog (human)0.687
Pcdh15protocadherin 150.681
Pcp2Purkinje cell protein 2 (L7)0.679
Fgfr2fibroblast growth factor receptor 20.669
Cacna1fcalcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha 1F subunit0.661
Foxa2forkhead box A20.646
Gnaqguanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha q polypeptide0.637
Ntrk2neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 20.629
Ush1cUsher syndrome 1C homolog (human)0.621
Ntf3neurotrophin 30.612
Plxnd1plexin D10.608
Hoxa1homeobox A10.605
Tbx1T-box 10.572
Kcna4potassium voltage-gated channel, shaker-related subfamily, member 40.571
Kdrkinase insert domain protein receptor0.566
Klra9killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily A, member 90.556
Meox2mesenchyme homeobox 20.541
Crxcone-rod homeobox containing gene0.534
Pdgfraplatelet derived growth factor receptor, alpha polypeptide0.521
Chrna3cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha polypeptide 30.517
Scn5asodium channel, voltage-gated, type V, alpha0.513
Slc16a8solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylic acid transporters), member 80.499
Gfra2glial cell line derived neurotrophic factor family receptor alpha 20.494
Fgfr1fibroblast growth factor receptor 10.484
Nr2f2nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 20.483
Fgfr3fibroblast growth factor receptor 30.483
Chrnb2cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, beta polypeptide 2 (neuronal)0.478
Pax3paired box gene 30.464
Zeb1zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 10.462
Six6sine oculis-related homeobox 6 homolog (Drosophila)0.458
Gfra1glial cell line derived neurotrophic factor family receptor alpha 10.456
Pax8paired box gene 80.450
Dhhdesert hedgehog0.435
Nkx2-5NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 (Drosophila)0.417
Pthlhparathyroid hormone-like peptide0.416
Arrb1arrestin, beta 10.414
Aplnrapelin receptor0.412
Gnat1guanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha transducing 10.411
Fgf10fibroblast growth factor 100.408
Itgb1integrin beta 1 (fibronectin receptor beta)0.399
Cdh5cadherin 50.394
Kcne1potassium voltage-gated channel, Isk-related subfamily, member 10.386
Dlg4discs, large homolog 4 (Drosophila)0.385
Sult4a1sulfotransferase family 4A, member 10.375
Lgr4leucine-rich repeat-containing G protein-coupled receptor 40.374
Syt1synaptotagmin I0.366
Trpm1transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 10.362
Arrb2arrestin, beta 20.361
Nkx2-1NK2 homeobox 10.358
Jag1jagged 10.357
Myl2myosin, light polypeptide 2, regulatory, cardiac, slow0.349
Ptenphosphatase and tensin homolog0.348
Grk1G protein-coupled receptor kinase 10.338
Fgf3fibroblast growth factor 30.332
Prox1prospero-related homeobox 10.325
Lyz2lysozyme 20.322
Klra7killer cell lectin-like receptor, subfamily A, member 70.318
Lhx3LIM homeobox protein 30.314
Six1sine oculis-related homeobox 1 homolog (Drosophila)0.309
Isl1ISL1 transcription factor, LIM/homeodomain0.309
Drd2dopamine receptor D20.301
Cxadrcoxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor0.291
Grin2bglutamate receptor, ionotropic, NMDA2B (epsilon 2)0.286
Gpr98G protein-coupled receptor 980.286
Rrhretinal pigment epithelium derived rhodopsin homolog0.283
Stx1bsyntaxin 1B0.273
Flt1FMS-like tyrosine kinase 10.271
Foxd3forkhead box D30.270
Gucy1b3guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, beta 30.261
Syt10synaptotagmin X0.260
Hoxb1homeobox B10.259
Tff2trefoil factor 2 (spasmolytic protein 1)0.257
Vax2ventral anterior homeobox containing gene 20.257
Sykbspleen tyrosine kinase0.252
Esrrbestrogen related receptor, beta0.245
Ppef2protein phosphatase, EF hand calcium-binding domain 20.243
Hcn4hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated K+ 40.242
Tie1tyrosine kinase with immunoglobulin-like and EGF-like domains 10.238
Acvrl1activin A receptor, type II-like 10.237
Sox9SRY-box containing gene 90.236
Aipl1aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein-like 10.232
Rit2Ras-like without CAAX 20.229
Pou4f2POU domain, class 4, transcription factor 20.227
Htr1a5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 1A0.226
Mipmajor intrinsic protein of eye lens fiber0.225
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Rattus norvegicus
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
Hsph1heat shock 105/110 protein 10.648
Stip1stress-induced phosphoprotein 10.399
Hsp90ab1heat shock protein 90 alpha (cytosolic), class B member 10.317
B3gat1beta-1,3-glucuronyltransferase 1 (glucuronosyltransferase P)0.282
Htr75-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 70.265
Bcl2l10BCL2-like 10 (apoptosis facilitator)0.226
Cx3cr1chemokine (C-X3-C motif) receptor 10.178
Hrkharakiri, BCL2 interacting protein (contains only BH3 domain)0.172
Cnksr2connector enhancer of kinase suppressor of Ras 20.167
Cxcr5chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 50.144
Hsp90aa1heat shock protein 90, alpha (cytosolic), class A member 10.129
Gucy2dguanylate cyclase 2d0.115
Dlg4discs, large homolog 4 (Drosophila)0.112
Klrc1killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily C, member 10.109
St8sia4ST8 alpha-N-acetyl-neuraminide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 40.108
Magmyelin-associated glycoprotein0.108
Il8rainterleukin 8 receptor, alpha0.104
Tulp1tubby like protein 10.104
Kcnab2potassium voltage-gated channel, shaker-related subfamily, beta member 20.104
Impg2interphotoreceptor matrix proteoglycan 20.101
Fgfr1Fibroblast growth factor receptor 10.095
Rims1regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 10.090
Sema3asema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3A0.090
Myl7myosin, light chain 7, regulatory0.089
Cd4Cd4 molecule0.087
Robo2roundabout homolog 2 (Drosophila)0.085
Svs1seminal vesicle secretory protein 10.079
RGD1564327similar to integrin alpha 80.079
Hspa8heat shock protein 80.075
Fgf2fibroblast growth factor 20.071
Hspa1aheat shock 70kD protein 1A0.069
Fgfr2fibroblast growth factor receptor 20.067
Insrrinsulin receptor-related receptor0.064
Ntrk2neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 20.064
Drd2dopamine receptor D20.063
Ush1cUsher syndrome 1C homolog (human)0.063
Kcnq3potassium voltage-gated channel, KQT-like subfamily, member 30.062
Pde1bphosphodiesterase 1B, calmodulin-dependent0.062
Slco1a5solute carrier organic anion transporter family, member 1a50.062
Ednrbendothelin receptor type B0.062
Gabrr3gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor, rho 30.062
Trpm1transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 10.060
Atp4aATPase, H+/K+ exchanging, alpha polypeptide0.059
Nxph1neurexophilin 10.058
Pnliprp2pancreatic lipase-related protein 20.057
Arandrogen receptor0.057
Arl11ADP-ribosylation factor-like 110.057
Klrb1bkiller cell lectin-like receptor subfamily B member 1B0.056
Ccl22chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 220.055
Pftk1PFTAIRE protein kinase 10.054
Opn1swopsin 1 (cone pigments), short-wave-sensitive0.054
Hcn4hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide-gated potassium channel 40.054
Adora3adenosine A3 receptor0.053
Rbp3retinol binding protein 3, interstitial0.053
Slc24a1solute carrier family 24 (sodium/potassium/calcium exchanger), member 10.053
Slc5a5solute carrier family 5 (sodium iodide symporter), member 50.053
SagS-antigen; retina and pineal gland (arrestin)0.052
LOC100361571keratin associated protein 1-3-like0.052
Oprd1opioid receptor, delta 10.052
Chatcholine acetyltransferase0.052
Celsr3cadherin, EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 3 (flamingo homolog, Drosophila)0.052
Kcnj16potassium inwardly-rectifying channel, subfamily J, member 160.051
Kcna1potassium voltage-gated channel, shaker-related subfamily, member 10.050
Ptafrplatelet-activating factor receptor0.049
Prp15proline-rich protein 150.048
Gpr6G protein-coupled receptor 60.047
Slc6a9solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, glycine), member 90.047
Slc6a3solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, dopamine), member 30.046
Hspd1heat shock protein 1 (chaperonin)0.046
Gng7guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), gamma 70.046
Znf483zinc finger protein 4830.046
Sftpa1surfactant protein A10.045
Drp2dystrophin related protein 20.045
Syt8synaptotagmin VIII0.045
Ifnb1interferon beta 1, fibroblast0.045
Dmrtc1aDMRT-like family C1a0.045
Prdm2PR domain containing 2, with ZNF domain0.044
Neurog1neurogenin 10.043
MosMoloney sarcoma oncogene0.042
Accn2amiloride-sensitive cation channel 2, neuronal0.041
Agtr1aangiotensin II receptor, type 1a0.041
Ckmt1creatine kinase, mitochondrial 10.040
Scnn1gsodium channel, nonvoltage-gated 1, gamma0.040
Rxrgretinoid X receptor gamma0.040
Kiss1rKISS1 receptor0.040
Cyp2b3cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 30.039
Ltbp2latent transforming growth factor beta binding protein 20.039
Slco2b1solute carrier organic anion transporter family, member 2b10.039
Kcnj4potassium inwardly-rectifying channel, subfamily J, member 40.039
Slc6a11solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, GABA), member 110.037
RGD1564664similar to LOC387763 protein0.037
Itgamintegrin, alpha M0.037
Cacna1bcalcium channel, voltage-dependent, N type, alpha 1B subunit0.037
Gucy1b3guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, beta 30.036
Neurod2neurogenic differentiation 20.035
Faahfatty acid amide hydrolase0.035
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NameDescriptionProbabilityFunc Analog Organism
YAR028Whypothetical protein0.084
YGR205Whypothetical protein0.070
YMR279Chypothetical protein0.064
YKR075Chypothetical protein0.063
YIR014Whypothetical protein0.046
YCR061Whypothetical protein0.042
YNL033Whypothetical protein0.039
YLR264C-Ahypothetical protein0.039
YHR033Whypothetical protein0.038
YOR365Chypothetical protein0.037
YBR235Whypothetical protein0.037
YFR016Chypothetical protein0.037
YLR162Whypothetical protein0.036
YOL038C-Ahypothetical protein0.035