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Multiple Organisms

response to pheromone

Any process that results in a change in state or activity of a cell or an organism (in terms of movement, secretion, enzyme production, gene expression, etc.) as a result of a pheromone stimulus.

Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
STE4 Ste4p 0.998
FUS3 Fus3p 0.996
SST2 Sst2p 0.995
STE5 Ste5p 0.995
BEM1 Bem1p 0.993
AGA1 Aga1p 0.992
FAR1 Far1p 0.986
STE11 Ste11p 0.978
GPA1 Gpa1p 0.978
AGA2 Aga2p 0.973
CDC24 Cdc24p 0.947
STE2 Ste2p 0.924
CRZ1 Crz1p 0.869
FUS1 Fus1p 0.868
STE20 Ste20p 0.858
FIG2 Fig2p 0.847
NBP2 Nbp2p 0.838
MFA1 Mfa1p 0.836
RRI1 Rri1p 0.823
RLM1 Rlm1p 0.819
FAR3 Far3p 0.807
SSK1 Ssk1p 0.796
KSS1 Kss1p 0.793
STE7 Ste7p 0.774
STE18 Ste18p 0.757
CLA4 Cla4p 0.733
FAR11 Far11p 0.713
SSK2 Ssk2p 0.663
PPZ1 Ppz1p 0.662
BOI2 Boi2p 0.634
FUS2 Fus2p 0.623
PRR2 Prr2p 0.601
FAR10 Far10p 0.593
STE12 Ste12p 0.581
CSN9 Csn9p 0.535
SLG1 Slg1p 0.490
MSG5 Msg5p 0.475
DBF2 Dbf2p 0.458
PBS2 Pbs2p 0.454
MF(ALPHA)1 Mf(alpha)1p 0.445
TEC1 Tec1p 0.438
MNR2 Mnr2p 0.429
STE3 Ste3p 0.420
FIG1 Fig1p 0.416
MKK1 Mkk1p 0.384
DIG1 Dig1p 0.380
OPY1 Opy1p 0.346
GLN3 Gln3p 0.338
CGI121 Cgi121p 0.305
TPK1 Tpk1p 0.300
FIG4 Fig4p 0.295
YJR084W hypothetical protein 0.292
FRK1 Frk1p 0.280
KAR5 Kar5p 0.280
FAR7 Far7p 0.279
VPS64 Vps64p 0.251
CHS3 Chs3p 0.245
BEM3 Bem3p 0.245
SLT2 Slt2p 0.234
CSI1 Csi1p 0.234
HOG1 Hog1p 0.225
BAR1 Bar1p 0.224
ADR1 Adr1p 0.224
BOI1 Boi1p 0.204
PTP2 Ptp2p 0.202
MF(ALPHA)2 Mf(alpha)2p 0.195
MATALPHA1 Matalpha1p 0.189
SAC7 Sac7p 0.187
CNB1 Cnb1p 0.182
CYK3 Cyk3p 0.180
CHD1 Chd1p 0.177
KIN82 Kin82p 0.176
BCK1 Bck1p 0.173
YKE2 Yke2p 0.172
MTL1 Mtl1p 0.170
MFA2 Mfa2p 0.170
BEM2 Bem2p 0.168
SNF1 Snf1p 0.168
NRG1 Nrg1p 0.168
SIA1 Sia1p 0.164
FYV8 Fyv8p 0.161
LCB4 Lcb4p 0.161
STE13 Ste13p 0.159
RRI2 Rri2p 0.158
PRM1 Prm1p 0.154
MSN2 Msn2p 0.151
BMH1 Bmh1p 0.151
STE50 Ste50p 0.144
HRK1 Hrk1p 0.144
SPA2 Spa2p 0.141
MIG2 Mig2p 0.140
GAT2 Gat2p 0.140
CNA1 Cna1p 0.139
GIC2 Gic2p 0.135
CDC4 Cdc4p 0.133
KIC1 Kic1p 0.129
SRL3 Srl3p 0.126
YHR097C hypothetical protein 0.126
GIP2 Gip2p 0.123
YMR102C hypothetical protein 0.121
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Caenorhabditis elegans
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Danio rerio
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Drosophila melanogaster
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
Or83b Odorant receptor 83b 0.778
lush CG8807 gene product from transcript CG8807-RA 0.700
Nmdar2 NMDA receptor 2 0.626
Snmp Sensory neuron membrane protein 0.491
btv beethoven 0.427
Ca-beta Ca2+-channel-protein-beta-subunit 0.309
Gr32a Gustatory receptor 32a 0.296
Or22a Odorant receptor 22a 0.190
ppk23 pickpocket 23 0.145
Irk3 Inwardly rectifying potassium channel 3 0.137
CG32792 CG32792 gene product from transcript CG32792-RF 0.122
CG13568 CG13568 gene product from transcript CG13568-RG 0.105
rpk ripped pocket 0.104
CG33289 CG33289 gene product from transcript CG33289-RA 0.094
ppk25 pickpocket 25 0.084
Gr33a Gustatory receptor 33a 0.058
Or67d Odorant receptor 67d 0.054
plx pollux 0.053
ClC-b Chloride channel-b 0.047
Gyc88E Guanylyl cyclase at 88E 0.046
Or42b Odorant receptor 42b 0.039
CG11391 CG11391 gene product from transcript CG11391-RA 0.032
CG34388 CG34388 gene product from transcript CG34388-RC 0.032
Spn77Ba Serpin 77Ba 0.029
CG14096 CG14096 gene product from transcript CG14096-RA 0.024
lectin-46Cb CG1652 gene product from transcript CG1652-RA 0.024
5-HT7 Serotonin receptor 7 0.023
CG10357 CG10357 gene product from transcript CG10357-RC 0.023
CG18537 CG18537 gene product from transcript CG18537-RA 0.020
Cyp303a1 CG4163 gene product from transcript CG4163-RA 0.017
Jhedup Juvenile hormone esterase duplication 0.017
Pbprp4 Pheromone-binding protein-related protein 4 0.017
a10 antennal protein 10 0.016
Os-C CG3250 gene product from transcript CG3250-RC 0.015
CheB98a Chemosensory protein A 98a 0.015
eloF elongase F 0.015
Gr8a Gustatory receptor 8a 0.015
CG9519 CG9519 gene product from transcript CG9519-RA 0.015
fne found in neurons 0.014
Ctr1B Copper transporter 1B 0.014
Or45b Odorant receptor 45b 0.012
CG14422 CG14422 gene product from transcript CG14422-RA 0.012
CG13711 CG13711 gene product from transcript CG13711-RA 0.012
fd19B forkhead domain 19B 0.012
Or42a Odorant receptor 42a 0.012
ng4 new glue 4 0.011
Or35a Odorant receptor 35a 0.011
Gr59c Gustatory receptor 59c 0.011
CheA87a Chemosensory protein A 87a 0.011
CG17575 CG17575 gene product from transcript CG17575-RA 0.011
Ir7b Ionotropic receptor 7b 0.010
CG13720 CG13720 gene product from transcript CG13720-RA 0.010
CG15923 CG15923 gene product from transcript CG15923-RB 0.010
Obp19b Odorant-binding protein 19b 0.010
BBS4 CG13232 gene product from transcript CG13232-RA 0.010
CG7568 CG7568 gene product from transcript CG7568-RB 0.010
CG10481 CG10481 gene product from transcript CG10481-RA 0.010
Obp49a Odorant-binding protein 49a 0.010
desat1 CG5887 gene product from transcript CG5887-RA 0.010
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Homo sapiens
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Mus musculus
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Rattus norvegicus
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism