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Multiple Organisms

spindle pole body organization

A process that is carried out at the cellular level which results in the assembly, arrangement of constituent parts, or disassembly of the spindle pole body (SPB). The SPB is the microtubule organizing center in fungi, and is functionally homologous to the animal cell centrosome.

Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
BBP1 Bbp1p 0.863
SPC110 Spc110p 0.808
CDC28 Cdc28p 0.806
SPC42 Spc42p 0.778
CLB3 Clb3p 0.710
NDD1 Ndd1p 0.696
CLB4 Clb4p 0.646
SPC29 Spc29p 0.624
MPS2 Mps2p 0.594
CDC14 Cdc14p 0.591
CLN1 Cln1p 0.530
CDC6 Cdc6p 0.520
MPS3 Mps3p 0.498
CKS1 Cks1p 0.472
CDC20 Cdc20p 0.311
SFI1 Sfi1p 0.288
MPS1 Mps1p 0.247
NBP1 Nbp1p 0.242
MLP2 Mlp2p 0.221
BFA1 Bfa1p 0.206
RAD23 Rad23p 0.180
CNM67 Cnm67p 0.176
HSL1 Hsl1p 0.168
CAK1 Cak1p 0.163
CLB1 Clb1p 0.153
CLB2 Clb2p 0.148
CDC16 Cdc16p 0.141
CLB5 Clb5p 0.131
CDC5 Cdc5p 0.126
CLN2 Cln2p 0.117
KAR1 Kar1p 0.113
SPC24 Spc24p 0.110
SGO1 Sgo1p 0.106
CDC31 Cdc31p 0.094
CDC23 Cdc23p 0.094
ASM4 Asm4p 0.090
ACK1 Ack1p 0.090
ACM1 Acm1p 0.084
SPC97 Spc97p 0.080
SWE1 Swe1p 0.059
CLB6 Clb6p 0.057
SLK19 Slk19p 0.048
SAK1 Sak1p 0.048
NUP157 Nup157p 0.046
BUB1 Bub1p 0.043
YIL151C hypothetical protein 0.043
HST3 Hst3p 0.042
FCP1 Fcp1p 0.040
BIM1 Bim1p 0.040
GIC1 Gic1p 0.039
TAF7 Taf7p 0.039
SFH1 Sfh1p 0.038
KIP2 Kip2p 0.037
SPO23 Spo23p 0.037
BRN1 Brn1p 0.037
NUP82 Nup82p 0.037
KAP95 Kap95p 0.036
SRD1 Srd1p 0.036
KCC4 Kcc4p 0.036
YHP1 Yhp1p 0.035
VIK1 Vik1p 0.035
SPC98 Spc98p 0.035
KAR9 Kar9p 0.034
ARP10 Arp10p 0.034
PCL9 Pcl9p 0.034
SHE1 She1p 0.033
VAC17 Vac17p 0.033
YPL014W hypothetical protein 0.033
URA3 Ura3p 0.032
MSA1 Msa1p 0.032
RAP1 Rap1p 0.032
PRS2 Prs2p 0.032
HO Hop 0.031
CHA1 Cha1p 0.031
YLR264C-A hypothetical protein 0.031
ECO1 Eco1p 0.030
SFG1 Sfg1p 0.030
TBF1 Tbf1p 0.030
LEU2 Leu2p 0.029
MRS6 Mrs6p 0.029
RPT1 Rpt1p 0.029
STI1 Sti1p 0.028
YOL038C-A hypothetical protein 0.028
CDC15 Cdc15p 0.028
YPR174C hypothetical protein 0.028
YLR162W hypothetical protein 0.027
BIK1 Bik1p 0.027
SFT1 Sft1p 0.027
MPC54 Mpc54p 0.026
HXT3 Hxt3p 0.026
IRC8 Irc8p 0.026
MER1 Mer1p 0.025
BUD6 Bud6p 0.025
KIP1 Kip1p 0.025
MOT3 Mot3p 0.025
SOK2 Sok2p 0.025
YBR013C hypothetical protein 0.025
ZPS1 Zps1p 0.024
YAR068W hypothetical protein 0.024
SSP1 Ssp1p 0.024
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Caenorhabditis elegans
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Danio rerio
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Drosophila melanogaster
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
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Mus musculus
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Rattus norvegicus
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