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Multiple Organisms

cellular response to anoxia

Any process that results in a change in state or activity of a cell (in terms of movement, secretion, enzyme production, gene expression, etc.) as a result of a stimulus indicating a decline in oxygen levels to trace amounts, <0.1%.

Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
MIG2 Mig2p 0.146
HXT3 Hxt3p 0.079
HAL5 Hal5p 0.079
YPL014W hypothetical protein 0.070
ROX1 Rox1p 0.069
YKR075C hypothetical protein 0.068
MIG3 Mig3p 0.062
MOB1 Mob1p 0.062
NRG1 Nrg1p 0.060
CSR2 Csr2p 0.059
GIP2 Gip2p 0.057
SWI1 Swi1p 0.055
LYS5 Lys5p 0.053
DAL81 Dal81p 0.053
GLN3 Gln3p 0.051
CAB3 Cab3p 0.050
MIG1 Mig1p 0.049
RGS2 Rgs2p 0.047
SKS1 Sks1p 0.047
MBR1 Mbr1p 0.045
BSD2 Bsd2p 0.040
DIC1 Dic1p 0.036
MOT3 Mot3p 0.036
GAT2 Gat2p 0.035
HOR2 Hor2p 0.035
SBE22 Sbe22p 0.035
SMP1 Smp1p 0.034
YPR157W hypothetical protein 0.034
PHM8 Phm8p 0.034
IRC8 Irc8p 0.033
IRC23 Irc23p 0.033
FAA2 Faa2p 0.032
ZAP1 Zap1p 0.032
TGL5 Tgl5p 0.031
ICY1 Icy1p 0.031
GIS4 Gis4p 0.031
MET4 Met4p 0.030
PHO12 Pho12p 0.030
NUP157 Nup157p 0.030
EAR1 Ear1p 0.030
SRD1 Srd1p 0.030
LEU2 Leu2p 0.030
SSK2 Ssk2p 0.029
TYE7 Tye7p 0.029
NDD1 Ndd1p 0.029
ACS1 Acs1p 0.029
YER130C hypothetical protein 0.029
OPY2 Opy2p 0.029
RGR1 Rgr1p 0.028
RPI1 Rpi1p 0.028
MTH1 Mth1p 0.028
KIC1 Kic1p 0.028
VAC7 Vac7p 0.028
ATF1 Atf1p 0.028
VID24 Vid24p 0.028
CUP1-1 Cup1-1p 0.027
YOL038C-A hypothetical protein 0.027
ICS2 Ics2p 0.027
YLR264C-A hypothetical protein 0.027
YIR035C hypothetical protein 0.026
YMR295C hypothetical protein 0.026
POG1 Pog1p 0.026
ROG3 Rog3p 0.026
VPS60 Vps60p 0.025
RSC9 Rsc9p 0.025
TOS3 Tos3p 0.025
YLR162W hypothetical protein 0.025
WSC4 Wsc4p 0.025
YPR013C hypothetical protein 0.025
ARP10 Arp10p 0.025
SPL2 Spl2p 0.025
HAL1 Hal1p 0.025
NRG2 Nrg2p 0.025
HSF1 Hsf1p 0.025
DOT6 Dot6p 0.025
YMR317W hypothetical protein 0.024
CUR1 Cur1p 0.024
GIS3 Gis3p 0.024
KRE29 Kre29p 0.024
TIP1 Tip1p 0.024
HST3 Hst3p 0.024
ITC1 Itc1p 0.024
GDH3 Gdh3p 0.024
GAL4 Gal4p 0.024
AGP2 Agp2p 0.024
AUA1 Aua1p 0.024
CTI6 Cti6p 0.024
NHA1 Nha1p 0.024
SFL1 Sfl1p 0.024
YAR068W hypothetical protein 0.024
MER1 Mer1p 0.023
YAR066W hypothetical protein 0.023
HPF1 Hpf1p 0.023
FMT1 Fmt1p 0.023
YMR102C hypothetical protein 0.023
YNL194C hypothetical protein 0.023
ARG8 Arg8p 0.023
HO Hop 0.023
YPT53 Ypt53p 0.023
RIM101 Rim101p 0.023
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Caenorhabditis elegans
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Danio rerio
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Drosophila melanogaster
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Mus musculus
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Rattus norvegicus
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