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Multiple Organisms

ascospore wall assembly

The aggregation, arrangement and bonding together of a set of components to form an ascospore wall. During sporulation in Ascomycota, each ascospore nucleus becomes surrounded by a specialized spore wall, formed by deposition of spore wall components in the lumenal space between the outer and inner leaflets of the prospore membrane. An example of this process is found in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
SPO21 Spo21p 0.988
SPS22 Sps22p 0.914
FKS3 Fks3p 0.892
GIP1 Gip1p 0.849
DIT1 Dit1p 0.843
OSW2 Osw2p 0.835
CRR1 Crr1p 0.801
DIT2 Dit2p 0.758
DTR1 Dtr1p 0.684
MPC54 Mpc54p 0.615
OSW1 Osw1p 0.588
ADY3 Ady3p 0.550
SMK1 Smk1p 0.468
SSP1 Ssp1p 0.456
IRC18 Irc18p 0.453
SPS1 Sps1p 0.402
YSW1 Ysw1p 0.376
GSC2 Gsc2p 0.361
SPO13 Spo13p 0.330
SMA2 Sma2p 0.323
SPR3 Spr3p 0.292
ECM8 Ecm8p 0.265
RRT12 Rrt12p 0.257
SPO74 Spo74p 0.256
GPI1 Gpi1p 0.246
DON1 Don1p 0.236
ENT1 Ent1p 0.219
HIM1 Him1p 0.208
YFR012W hypothetical protein 0.190
YHR140W hypothetical protein 0.182
SPR28 Spr28p 0.161
LOH1 Loh1p 0.155
SPO19 Spo19p 0.150
SRL4 Srl4p 0.143
GFA1 Gfa1p 0.135
CDC26 Cdc26p 0.135
YGL081W hypothetical protein 0.135
GAS4 Gas4p 0.130
CAK1 Cak1p 0.121
YMR244W hypothetical protein 0.115
TAO3 Tao3p 0.113
YDR319C hypothetical protein 0.112
SPO20 Spo20p 0.110
AMA1 Ama1p 0.109
FRT1 Frt1p 0.107
YGL230C hypothetical protein 0.104
PCK1 Pck1p 0.103
CDA1 Cda1p 0.100
YOL024W hypothetical protein 0.099
PAR32 Par32p 0.095
SPT14 Spt14p 0.095
MTC1 Mtc1p 0.095
MND2 Mnd2p 0.095
YKR104W hypothetical protein 0.093
SRT1 Srt1p 0.091
CHS7 Chs7p 0.091
SPO23 Spo23p 0.091
YDR042C hypothetical protein 0.090
HSP26 Hsp26p 0.090
YPR078C hypothetical protein 0.087
CDA2 Cda2p 0.086
YPL113C hypothetical protein 0.084
YOL047C hypothetical protein 0.084
ARP10 Arp10p 0.082
MCH2 Mch2p 0.082
CHS6 Chs6p 0.081
YGR012W hypothetical protein 0.080
RNP1 Rnp1p 0.078
YDL176W hypothetical protein 0.077
YOR365C hypothetical protein 0.076
GAS2 Gas2p 0.075
YHL012W hypothetical protein 0.074
BCK2 Bck2p 0.071
GCN2 Gcn2p 0.070
YOR214C hypothetical protein 0.070
MAM1 Mam1p 0.069
SPO75 Spo75p 0.069
URC2 Urc2p 0.066
BNA2 Bna2p 0.066
GPI2 Gpi2p 0.064
SMA1 Sma1p 0.063
YAL018C hypothetical protein 0.062
PPH21 Pph21p 0.061
SPO77 Spo77p 0.061
YCR050C hypothetical protein 0.060
SET4 Set4p 0.060
KIC1 Kic1p 0.059
ZPS1 Zps1p 0.058
BCH2 Bch2p 0.057
RRT5 Rrt5p 0.057
NCA3 Nca3p 0.057
CRP1 Crp1p 0.056
AVT2 Avt2p 0.056
THI6 Thi6p 0.056
YDR034W-B hypothetical protein 0.056
YLR072W hypothetical protein 0.055
YDL186W hypothetical protein 0.055
YOL038C-A hypothetical protein 0.054
SRD1 Srd1p 0.052
MUM3 Mum3p 0.052
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Caenorhabditis elegans
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Danio rerio
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Drosophila melanogaster
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Homo sapiens
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Mus musculus
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Rattus norvegicus
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