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Multiple Organisms

thiamine metabolic process

The chemical reactions and pathways involving thiamine (vitamin B1), a water soluble vitamin present in fresh vegetables and meats, especially liver.

Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
THI3 Thi3p 0.940
THI20 Thi20p 0.841
SNZ2 Snz2p 0.804
THI2 Thi2p 0.694
SNO2 Sno2p 0.618
THI21 Thi21p 0.327
SNO3 Sno3p 0.197
PCK1 Pck1p 0.098
PET18 Pet18p 0.095
THI73 Thi73p 0.083
THI11 Thi11p 0.072
THI13 Thi13p 0.052
BNA2 Bna2p 0.051
SRD1 Srd1p 0.045
ZPS1 Zps1p 0.044
YOL038C-A hypothetical protein 0.043
ARG8 Arg8p 0.039
ARP10 Arp10p 0.037
LEU2 Leu2p 0.035
YLR264C-A hypothetical protein 0.034
THI6 Thi6p 0.034
YFL040W hypothetical protein 0.033
YLR162W hypothetical protein 0.032
YPL067C hypothetical protein 0.032
YEL073C hypothetical protein 0.031
CUP1-1 Cup1-1p 0.031
MER1 Mer1p 0.030
GIT1 Git1p 0.029
YPL264C hypothetical protein 0.028
CPD1 Cpd1p 0.028
YAR068W hypothetical protein 0.028
ATP6 Atp6p 0.027
FRE7 Fre7p 0.027
YBR013C hypothetical protein 0.027
PDC6 Pdc6p 0.027
UGA4 Uga4p 0.027
SNZ1 Snz1p 0.026
YIR035C hypothetical protein 0.026
HXT3 Hxt3p 0.026
YPL168W hypothetical protein 0.026
RIB7 Rib7p 0.026
AUA1 Aua1p 0.025
DAL7 Dal7p 0.025
SOR1 Sor1p 0.025
BSC2 Bsc2p 0.025
AAD14 Aad14p 0.025
ART5 Art5p 0.024
OPT2 Opt2p 0.024
PUG1 Pug1p 0.024
ADH2 Adh2p 0.024
AAD10 Aad10p 0.024
QDR1 Qdr1p 0.023
YAL037W hypothetical protein 0.023
YIR042C hypothetical protein 0.023
YLR042C hypothetical protein 0.023
ALT2 Alt2p 0.023
YPR157W hypothetical protein 0.023
FMT1 Fmt1p 0.023
SEO1 Seo1p 0.022
RMA1 Rma1p 0.022
YEA6 Yea6p 0.022
YOL013W-A hypothetical protein 0.022
SWC7 Swc7p 0.021
URA3 Ura3p 0.021
THI7 Thi7p 0.021
HPF1 Hpf1p 0.021
DAL2 Dal2p 0.021
YLR046C hypothetical protein 0.020
MTC2 Mtc2p 0.020
AAD15 Aad15p 0.020
YAL037C-A hypothetical protein 0.020
YAL064W hypothetical protein 0.020
CHA1 Cha1p 0.020
IZH4 Izh4p 0.020
IRC18 Irc18p 0.020
AAD6 Aad6p 0.020
DAK2 Dak2p 0.020
BNA4 Bna4p 0.020
RRN5 Rrn5p 0.020
DUR3 Dur3p 0.020
HOR2 Hor2p 0.019
ICS2 Ics2p 0.019
CTR3 Ctr3p 0.019
BSC1 Bsc1p 0.019
DUR1,2 Dur1,2p 0.019
ARO10 Aro10p 0.019
YBL029W hypothetical protein 0.019
BIO4 Bio4p 0.019
SCM4 Scm4p 0.018
RTT105 Rtt105p 0.018
YNL033W hypothetical protein 0.018
PTI1 Pti1p 0.018
MF(ALPHA)2 Mf(alpha)2p 0.018
ENA5 Ena5p 0.018
YAR023C hypothetical protein 0.018
PRS2 Prs2p 0.018
RMD6 Rmd6p 0.017
YOR387C hypothetical protein 0.017
YAR029W hypothetical protein 0.017
UPS3 Ups3p 0.017
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Caenorhabditis elegans
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Danio rerio
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Drosophila melanogaster
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Mus musculus
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Rattus norvegicus
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism