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Multiple Organisms

proton transporting atp synthase complex assembly

The aggregation, arrangement and bonding together of a proton-transporting ATP synthase (also known as F-type ATPase), a two-sector ATPase found in the inner membrane of mitochondria and chloroplasts, and in bacterial plasma membranes.

Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
ATP12 Atp12p 0.259
HAP3 Hap3p 0.101
COX10 Cox10p 0.094
ATP11 Atp11p 0.055
MRPL22 Mrpl22p 0.054
SRD1 Srd1p 0.034
ATP6 Atp6p 0.033
LEU2 Leu2p 0.033
YLR162W hypothetical protein 0.030
ARP10 Arp10p 0.030
YOL038C-A hypothetical protein 0.029
YAR068W hypothetical protein 0.028
YLR264C-A hypothetical protein 0.028
YJR120W hypothetical protein 0.028
ICP55 Icp55p 0.027
CUP1-1 Cup1-1p 0.027
RPM2 Rpm2p 0.025
MGR2 Mgr2p 0.025
QCR6 Qcr6p 0.025
HXT3 Hxt3p 0.025
MER1 Mer1p 0.025
ATP14 Atp14p 0.025
YAR066W hypothetical protein 0.024
FMT1 Fmt1p 0.023
YLR042C hypothetical protein 0.023
YPR157W hypothetical protein 0.023
FMC1 Fmc1p 0.023
SPL2 Spl2p 0.022
UPS3 Ups3p 0.022
YBR013C hypothetical protein 0.022
CBS2 Cbs2p 0.022
IZH4 Izh4p 0.021
ZPS1 Zps1p 0.020
ATP16 Atp16p 0.020
AUA1 Aua1p 0.020
AQY2 Aqy2p 0.020
RRN5 Rrn5p 0.019
YML079W hypothetical protein 0.019
YLR040C hypothetical protein 0.019
OPT2 Opt2p 0.019
CPD1 Cpd1p 0.019
ATP18 Atp18p 0.018
SFT1 Sft1p 0.018
KNH1 Knh1p 0.018
HPF1 Hpf1p 0.018
YOL013W-A hypothetical protein 0.018
CHA1 Cha1p 0.018
YTA12 Yta12p 0.018
BSC1 Bsc1p 0.018
YIR035C hypothetical protein 0.018
MF(ALPHA)2 Mf(alpha)2p 0.017
YAL064W hypothetical protein 0.017
YKR075C hypothetical protein 0.017
TYE7 Tye7p 0.017
ARG8 Arg8p 0.017
YPR096C hypothetical protein 0.017
SCM4 Scm4p 0.017
MRPL25 Mrpl25p 0.017
REE1 Ree1p 0.017
YML003W hypothetical protein 0.017
TIR3 Tir3p 0.017
YPL067C hypothetical protein 0.017
AIM25 Aim25p 0.016
MFA2 Mfa2p 0.016
YLL053C hypothetical protein 0.016
DIC1 Dic1p 0.016
MRPL44 Mrpl44p 0.016
YJL218W hypothetical protein 0.016
CBT1 Cbt1p 0.016
YAL037C-A hypothetical protein 0.016
CHZ1 Chz1p 0.016
MRPL9 Mrpl9p 0.015
NRG2 Nrg2p 0.015
YGL006W-A hypothetical protein 0.015
YBL029W hypothetical protein 0.015
TIM11 Tim11p 0.015
SWC7 Swc7p 0.015
YJL160C hypothetical protein 0.014
CRP1 Crp1p 0.014
MDJ2 Mdj2p 0.014
COS12 Cos12p 0.014
YPR027C hypothetical protein 0.014
YIR042C hypothetical protein 0.014
YNL033W hypothetical protein 0.014
RNP1 Rnp1p 0.014
FCJ1 Fcj1p 0.014
YNR062C hypothetical protein 0.014
ICS2 Ics2p 0.014
YMR317W hypothetical protein 0.014
YJL181W hypothetical protein 0.014
ALT2 Alt2p 0.014
YNL067W-B hypothetical protein 0.014
ATP20 Atp20p 0.014
CTR3 Ctr3p 0.014
YOR131C hypothetical protein 0.014
PNT1 Pnt1p 0.013
RTT105 Rtt105p 0.013
AIM43 Aim43p 0.013
YER152C hypothetical protein 0.013
SAM3 Sam3p 0.013
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Caenorhabditis elegans
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Danio rerio
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Drosophila melanogaster
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Homo sapiens
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Mus musculus
Name Description Probability Func Analog Organism
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Rattus norvegicus
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