The functional gene network at BRCA2.

IMP: Integrative Multi-species Prediction

IMP is a web server that enables biologists to analyze their experimental results in the functional context of gene-gene networks from multiple organisms. Biologists can use IMP to direct functional experiments by identifying novel gene participants in a pathway or additional processes that a gene of interest participates in.

Custom gene sets

Biologists can also use IMP to analyze their experimental results by submitting custom gene sets for functional analysis. IMP identifies enriched biological processes and additional genes predicted to be functionally related to the gene set. User-created gene sets are visually overlayed on any relevant functional network presented by IMP and can be saved on the user's computer or on the IMP server.


We provide two interactive tutorials on how to get started using IMP to analyze your genes and pathways of interest.

Additional help is available on most result pages. Click on 'View page as tutorial' in the top right, if it's available.

Data sources

A complete list of the datasets used in IMP is available.