The functional gene network at BRCA2.

Integrative Multi-species Prediction

Analyze your experimental results in the functional context of gene-gene networks from multiple organisms. Use IMP to direct additional functional experiments by identifying novel gene participants in a pathway or additional processes that a gene of interest participates in.

v2.0 Updates

  • Functional networks integrating 3,741 genome-scale datasets for 7 organisms
  • Predictions for 582 diseases and 12,117 biological processes
  • My Predictions

    Submit your gene sets (e.g. relevant to a disease or biological function) to find additional genes involved in your disease or process of interest. IMP uses a data-driven method that mines networks for functionally related genes. Genome-wide prediction results are sent by email and available for re-download directly from IMP.

  • The supplemental methods has been updated for IMP 2.0

My Gene Sets

Save your custom gene sets for functional analysis. User-created gene sets are visually overlayed on any relevant functional network presented by IMP, can be submitted to predict additional members, and can be saved on the user's computer or on the IMP server.

Wong AK*, Krishnan A*, Yao V*, Tadych A, Troyanskaya OG. IMP 2.0: a multi-species functional genomics portal for integration, visualization and prediction of protein functions and networks. Nucleic Acids Research. July 2015;43:W128-W133. [PDF] [Method Supplement]